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Osaka Ohsho, Revisited

A few weeks after I first had a taste of Osaka Ohsho, I went to lunch with my workmates to try this gyoza resto again. 

It was a jam-packed day that we had to wait at least half an hour to get a table. Not bad since they had chairs for us while we wait. 

We decided to order Black Vinegar Chicken Set (Php 360) and Pork Cutlet in Miso Sauce Set (Php 360). Both sets come with 3 pieces of gyoza, miso soup, fruits, and unlimited Koshihikari rice. 

Black Vinegar Chicken Set

Pork Cutlet in Miso Sauce Set

I really love the sweet and sour Black Vinegar Chicken that it's not surprising that it's one of their bestselling dishes. The Pork Cutlet in Miso Sauce is delicious as well. 

We also had their Fuwatoro Sets, which is good for 2 persons: the Fuwatoro Tenshin Han Gyoza Set (Php 650) and the Fuwatoro Tenshin Han Karaage Set (Php 650). Each set comes with a serving of Fuwatoro Tenshin Han, 2 servings of miso soup, and 2 servings of fruit. 

Fuwatoro Tenshin Han
Fuwatoro Tenshin Han Gyoza Set
Fuwatoro Tenshin Han Karaage Set

The Gyoza Set has 12 pcs of regular gyoza while the Karaage Set has a serving of Chicken Karaage Toji. These sets may look too small for 2 people, but the Fuwatoro Tenshin Han was almost enough to make us full. 

The service wasn't as pleasant as I expected, as the staff was kinda panicky with the number of guests arriving, but it was understandable since they have just opened a few months ago. I do hope the service will be better when I go back. 


Osaka Ohsho
3rd Level
Mega Fashion Hall,
SM Megamall, 
Mandaluyong City
Contact Number: 09178285011


  1. I think the dishes with the Japanese names messed up my brain, lol. What's that yellow food in the last two photos? Is it egg?

  2. Probably the staff is not yet used to handling store peak hours. But yes that is acceptable. Rude, and staff members who don't know how to handle and serve food properly are real turn off :/

    The pork cutlet looks yummy! Too many new restaurants to try :D

    1. Yes, I understand naman since it was newly-opened. Hope they'll improve though. :)

  3. I keep on seeing that egg over rice with curry dish. Tapos here din. It's calling to me! Hehehe! =)

  4. We love the Black Vinegar Chicken at Osaka Ohsho, too! Yummy! -- Maria Teresa Figuerres


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