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#MalbecWorldDay: Celebrating Wines of Argentina

I was invited last week to the celebrate Malbec World Day. It's an annual event where every April 17, people around the world celebrates Argentina's most known wine varietal, the Malbec. Malbec is also a grape variety used in  making red wine. 

This year, the Philippines, along with the Embassy of Argentina, gathered in Top of the Citi by Chef Jessie, to taste various brands of Malbec wines from Argentina.

Her Excellency Monica Deregibus, the Ambassador of Argentina

The event was graced by Her Excellency Monica Deregibus, the Ambassador of Argentina. 

Here are some of the wine brands who participated in this momentous event. I was only able to try a few, but I do hope I could try more brands the next time. ;)

Trivento by Trillo Wines Corporation

Melodia and Via Libre by Nuestros Robles

Aside from wines, Nuestros Robles also distributes an Extra Virgin Olive Oil named Olivares Mendocinos, which is probably the best tasting olive oil I've had. The prices are more affordable the grocery brands, with Php 200 for 250 mL and Php 350 for 500 mL. 

Trapiche, Norton and Kaiken by Philippine Wine Merchants

Doña Paula by Forth & Tay

Don David, ITF and Urban by Artisan Cellars & Fine Foods

Finca Flichman and Filus Bodega by Werdenberg International

Werdenberg is the international company that carries Santis Delicatessen, Chese Bianca, Carpaccio and I'm Angus Restaurants. Find these wine brands at any Santis Deli branch around Metro Manila. 

Other participants are:

Zen Asia Inc
Terry Selection
Bacchus Wines

We also enjoyed Roast Beef, breads, cold cuts and a variety of cheeses served by Chef Jessie. 


To know more about Wines of Argentina, check out the following:
Twitter: @winesofarg 

Thanks to Mae Ilagan of Werdenberg for this invite. 


  1. Must have been great to be able to taste a variety of wines in one night! :)

  2. Of all the wines you've posted, I only tried the Trivento.

    1. Hope you'll try the other brands as well, Janine! :)

  3. I am so envious! You seem to have a great time!


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