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Hello Twittea!

Note: This location is already closed. 

After a hearty lunch at Tiolo, Zai took to me his another hang-out place, a very spacious milk tea shop creatively named Twittea

Most people are studying, or doing online stuff, or playing the board games which you can borrow from the counter. 

Though I'm not too fond of milk tea, we both ordered Rock Salt and Cheese Chocolate Milk Tea (Php 100). 

Rock Salt and Cheese Chocolate Milk Tea

Twittea serves their milk tea in Ball mason jars, talk about impressive. 

I liked my drink as well, and it was quite large from what I expected. Aside from milk tea, Twittea also serves cookies, Belgian waffles, and cupcakes. I would really love to go back to try their other drinks like the Butterscotch Float, Toffeenut Float, Red Velvet Milk Tea, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Milk Tea. 

Still not so fond of milk tea but this place might just change my mind. :)


2nd Floor
1Cirq Building, 
Sumulong Memorial Circle (formerly Circumferential Road), 
Antipolo City
Twitter: @TwitteaAntipolo 

Other location is at Sikatuna Village, Quezon City


  1. Ohhh mason ball jars! Nice! Haven't seen a tea place that does this pa :)

  2. I've been to a cupcake shop that serves iced tea on mason jars, but a milktea place? This is something. And I like the name of the place, Twittea. I'd love to visit the place.

  3. hmm, ma try nga. it's the one beside BDO, right? And I also want to try Tiolo. :)

    1. It's on the second floor. :) Hope you'll try it. :)

  4. hmmm chocolate rock salt and cheese.. reminds me of my happy lemon escapades.. lol... the vibes of this tea place is somewhat chill and i think its inviting people to stay.. and with the heat wave.. that is pretty awesome!!! :D :D :D hehehehe

    1. Yes. A bit different than other tea places. :)


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