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Caviar Restaurant and Champagne Bar

After spending a day at the amusement park, I found myself standing in front of Caviar, wondering how and why my friend Jeng was able to convince me to dine here. However, anyone can lure me to good food. 

The lounge (with a fireplace) and the champagne bar will welcome you upon entering the restaurant. 

View from our booth

The dining area is located on the other side of the lounge area, divided by the wine cellar. Fortunately, we arrived early so we got the booth. :)

Our server that evening, Archie, carefully walked us through the menu and even showed us a huge slab of steak and fresh lobster. 

While we wait for our food, we were served bread. The server will come every now and then to give you more, so make sure you won't stuff yourself too much. 

Much to my shock, my friend Jeng ordered Herring Eggs (Php 1620). Note that this wasn't the caviar, as the caviar is more expensive. 

Herring Eggs

My friend had a glass of Pagos Del Moncayo Syrah 2012 (Php 320), while I'm completely happy with the complimentary champagne with grapefruit. 

We were also served an amuse-bouche of an avocado-based filling inside a fried wonton wrapper. 

For the salad, we shared Oeuf's Fume (Php 510, grande).

Oeuf's Fume

Oeuf's Fume is smoked egg hen with asparagus and hollandaise sauce. We were told that Caviar has its own smoking machine, hence bringing more flavor to the salad. It was a wonderful dish to start with. 

We also shared Bisque de Homard (Php 440) for soup.

Bisque de Homard

Bisque de Homard has poached lobster meat and truffle oil. I love the texture and the play it made to my senses. This is the only soup on their menu because honestly, this is the only soup you need. 

For a palate cleanser, we were served an Intermezzo of Raspberry Peach Rose Sorbet

I liked this a lot that I was tempted to ask for more. hehehehe. 

For the main dishes, I got Salmon Cuit Lentement (Php 950) while he ordered Veal Cheeks (Php 950).

Salmon Cuit Lentement

It is slow-smoked salmon with lentil cassoulet and hollandaise sauce. Bastiaan, one of the owners, explained that they use wild salmon for this dish, hence it is free of any chemicals that commercial salmon would usually have. 

There was silence as soon as the salmon reached our palates. It was well-cooked inside and out, with the smokiness and the tenderness covering its entirety. I'm still dreaming about this dish until this day. 

Veal Cheeks

The Veal Cheeks are also something else. Served with creamy polenta and wild mushrooms, I kept wondering, how did make it so tender? The meat was so soft I could easily sneak of few pieces from Jeng's plate. 

We were so full that we decided not to order dessert. However, Archie served us their signature Limoncello with some cookies on the house. 


I'm not really an alcohol drinker, but I just had to love this Limoncello that I drank two glasses of it. :P

We were also given a tour of the whole restaurant. We were shown the open kitchen, the garden area, and the private room that you can reserve for a minimum order of Php 25000.

the happy kitchen
garden area

We were also given access to the wine cellar and shown the most expensive wines I have ever seen in my life. 

Would you believe that it's worth 1.5M pesos?!?

I rarely spend on anything expensive, but I could say that a visit to Caviar is really, really worth the money. I was impressed by how personalized their service is and how they make sure that the guests feel satisfied with their food. I would probably go back here soon with my family, or my friends, or with somebody special. 


Caviar Restaurant and Champagne Lounge
Unit A-206, Westgate Centre,
Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Contact Numbers: 5527930, 09178683080
Twitter: @CaviarResto 


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