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A Side Trip to Lake Pandin

After spending a lovely weekend at Casa San Pablo, our group decided to take a side trip to one of the San Pablo's seven lakes, Lake Pandin. To tell you the truth, this was not my first time to explore San Pablo, Laguna, as I have visited the seven lakes way back in high school, as part of our annual field trip. Now I feel grateful for my high school for taking field trips to the next level by planning out nature tripping, instead of the usual 'museum-hopping'. :)

However, I couldn't recall much about the lakes, but I could remember swimming in one lovely lake, and that is Lake Pandin

From Casa San Pablo, we rode a trike to Lake Pandin since we didn't know how to get there exactly. We later figured out that we could ride a jeep (to Liliw) to go to Lake Pandin. From the road, we endured a 1 kilometer hike to the lake. 

Lunch packages are available for visitors of Lake Pandin (for around Php 360), but we didn't plan to stay for lunch. However, we were allowed to sit in one balsa while enjoying some refreshing treats. 

It was wonderful how laid-back this place is and it was impressive that the people who live there take it upon themselves to take good care of the lake while earning from it as well. 

Feeling a bit more adventurous? You can see another lake, Lake Yambo, by hiking a few meters from Lake Pandin. 

Going back to the road, we rode a motorcycle for Php 30 per person (since I couldn't take the heat anymore).  Still, it was fun to take some time to relax before we went back to the noisy city.


  1. I love how you used endured when describing the hike, when you could have used, suffered haha :)

    Good times! All except the climb of course :)

    1. Hahaha!!! It was a painful hike for us. hahaha!

  2. The hike wouldn't have been hard if it weren't for the scorching heat of the sun. Sobrang nakaka 30 shades of brown hahaha...

  3. P360? Not bad. Sana you stayed for lunch na rin. =)

  4. wow!!! :D :D :D nice one michy


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