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When Coffee and Soy Collides

Note: This location is already closed. 

My college friends and I stopped over Eton Centris for a nightcap. Since the coffee shops are full, we ended up at Soya Bar. Soya Bar offers soy-based drinks and healthy meals, so most people in the place are people coming from the gym nearby.

Hot Taho (no sago, sorry. :P)

While I asked my friends to grab me a Hot Taho (Php 30 for 8 oz), they ordered Soya Fruity Frost in Mango (Php 99) and Lychee Burst (Php 89).

Soya Fruity Frost

There are two things I try to have daily: coffee and taho. And seeing espressoy made me curious about how a combination of my two favorite things taste, so I tried the Taho Latte (Php 74).

Taho Latte

The drink is somehow familiar yet strange. The texture of the taho mixing with the bitterness of coffee, it doesn't have the sweetness from the syrup, but I would definitely have this again to pick me up from sleepiness. 

Soya Bar also has healthy snacks and some vegan choices, which I will try on my next visit. I'm also curious about the Soy Mousse Cheese. 

Have you been to Soya Bar? Have you tried their soy drinks? 


Soya Bar
Eton Centris Walk
Quezon Avenue,
Quezon City


  1. Taho and coffee?! Now that I have a try!

  2. Interesting! I'd love to try that Taho Latte!

  3. I couldn't imagine the taste of taho and coffee (I might have to experiment and try this at home lol) but really curious to try this :)

  4. I know you can ask for soy milk with your coffee in Starbucks. Wonder if it will taste the same as your cup there. =)


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