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Treasure Found at Tonkatsuya

Searching for Tonkatsuya seemed like a treasure hunt for my friend and I. Located in a residential area in Makati,  it took us a lot of patience -- and a lot of help from Google maps -- to get to our dinner place. 

Tonkatsuya is a small Japanese katsu restaurant that has been serving katsu for years, even before katsu restaurants like Yabu opened. 

The place is straightforward -- just tables and chairs, and a television and a shelf with manga and local books that featured Tonkatsuya. 

We ordered one Tonkatsu Set (Php 200) and Cheese Katsu Set (Php 240).

Tonkatsu Set

The Tonkatsu Set comes with Japanese rice, shredded cabbage, Japanese pickles, and miso soup, the same goes for the Cheese Katsu Set. 

Cheese Katsu Set

The coating of the tonkatsu is golden brown, as it wasn't too thick and the meat was tender enough. The Cheese Katsu is basically tonkatsu topped with melted cheese. For a cheese addict like myself, the Cheese Katsu is always better. :P

The only thing that I didn't like is that we had to pay for the cabbage dressing. Since we didn't like to shell out more
money, the server suggested that we can use the tonkatsu sauce with it. 

Other katsu sets available are the Hirekatsu Sets, which are a bit more expensive than the Tonkatsu Sets, Donburi, and Japanese Curry Rice. 

I love the simplicity and the mystery behind Tonkatsuya. I love that I could eat katsu of excellent quality at a very affordable price. I have no complaints about the service too, as our server was very helpful. I'd love to go back to this place again to try their other dishes. :)


Lower Ground Floor,
Palm Tower C,
St. Paul Road (near Estrella Street),
San Antonio Village,
Makati City
Contact Numbers: 8961990, 09279440321


  1. Wow this is around my place and I've never seen it before? How come?! I gotta check this out.

  2. please include directions on how to go here lol :) estrella means it is near rockwell?

  3. I'll try this one when I go back home. =)

  4. Nice, melted cheese on top of Tonkatsu instead of inside it with the pork... :)

    I just find it weird that you have to pay for the cabbage dressing...

    1. Yes, I don't know why there's an additional charge. :|

  5. The prices are definitely much cheaper than other katsu restaurants. My fave is Yabu, but I would love to try this one also! Hope you can include directions on how to go there! :)

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. Will try to add a map one of these days. :)


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