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New Discovery: D' Salas Leche Flan

A workmate has introduced this popular fastfood chain's secret: D'Salas Leche Flan

Located somewhere in Manila, D' Salas Leche Flan has been known to be the leche flan supplier for Chowking's Halo-Halo. I wasn't aware of this fact until my workmate brought a box of leche flan for us to try. 

The leche flan is carefully sealed in plastic and placed in a box. The syrup wouldn't spill easily if the package is handled well. 

The leche flan is really creamy but not overwhelmingly sweet. Though I tried my best to stop myself from getting more, I couldn't resist it!

Whether as halo-halo topping or just for dessert, I really recommend that you try D'Salas Leche Flan. It's simply addicting. :P

For orders, contact Ian at 09228236591


  1. Replies
    1. Got it from my officemate. :) Will post his number as soon as he starts accepting orders. :)

  2. Looks so good! Love leche flan! Childhood favorite that you can never outgrow. =)

  3. how much po ung leche flan? san po ung branch ng d' salas leche flan? pwd ko po bang makuha ung no. nla? tnx in advance :)

    1. Hi, please contact Ian at 09228236591 for the prices and delivery / pickup arrangements. :)


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