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Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

"Are you sure you want to eat here?"

My companion asked me as soon as we arrived in front of Kanto Freestyle Breakfast after almost dragging us to this place. He doesn't understand the enthusiasm I was feeling as I was looking at the menu like a kid standing in front of Disneyland. 

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast isn't really about the ambiance, but more about meticulously-prepared yet affordable breakfast food. It is no wonder this place has successfully branched out to Kapitolyo and Eastwood. 

Aside from the tables in front of the counter, they also have some tables a few steps away from the main store. 

We ordered my favorite Filipino breakfast: Batangas Beef Tapa (Php 90), served with 2 eggs freestyle, garlic rice, and tomato pesto. 

 Batangas Beef Tapa

The Beef Tapa was perfectly seasoned, made a lot better with tomato pesto and freestyle eggs. However, I would prefer the rice to be fried, as hardcore tapsilog should be. 

We also had Eggs Benedict (Php 90). 

Eggs Benedict

The "Kanto-fied" Eggs Benedict is white bread topped with ham, poached eggs and smothered in hollandaise sauce. I was really impressed with how this dish was plated. The hollandaise sauce could be creamier and milder for my taste. However, my companion liked it that he finished the whole plate easily. 

Since the Fried Oreos weren't available during our visit, we settled with Fluffy Pancake Topped with Goya Ganache and Chocnut (Php 90).

Fluffy Pancake with Goya Ganache and Chocnut

Generously topped with Goya ganache and choc nut bits, this pancake is a perfect ending for people with a sweet tooth like me. 

I have been wanting to visit Kanto Freestyle for the longest time, and although I have seen and read reviews throughout the years, I was still utterly impressed. For its gourmet dishes at affordable prices, Kanto delivers more than what is expected of them. I can't wait to try more of their breakfast dishes again. :)


Kanto Freestyle Breakfast
549 San Joaquin Street,
Mandaluyong City
Contact Number: 4002268
Twitter: @kantobfast


  1. Cool! It's like a sosyal na carinderia. Hehehhe! =)

  2. Good that you tried that sa kapitolyo, mitch!

  3. For something so cheap, they sure know how to make a good, food presentation. I will always prefer those places with no fancy ambiance but with great-tasting food that those that look beautiful but doesn't give you your money's worth.


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