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Enchanted Kingdom's 7D Interactive Motion Theater!

Summer is the perfect time to go out and bond with family and friends. One of the popular places to go to this season is the Enchanted Kingdom. With my foodie friend, Jeng, I went back to childhood once more by exploring what the park has to offer. 

My friend Jeng and I walked around the park under the basking heat and tried some rides and arcade games. :p

Who wouldn't love Space Shuttle, Rialto Theater in 3D, Jungle Log Jam, Rio Grande Rapids, EKstreme Tower Ride, and Disk-O-Magic? 

Also, we played some arcade games, and my buddy won some cool stuffed toys! :)

The best part of the day was trying out the first and only 7D Interactive Motion Theater

So what is 7D? Aside from the 3D theater, you'll experience wind machines, light effects, motion sears and laser guns. Isn't that fantastic? :)

Our ride was a zombie chase, with surprising twists that you'll really believe that you're being chased by zombies!

Best shooters will be ranked at the end of the ride. It was an awesome ride that kids and adults would really enjoy. I had a great time that I wanted to do it again (and master my shooting skills. hehehehe).

Experience the 7D for only Php 100 per person. It will be formally launched on April 27, 2014

Ticket Prices

Regular Day Pass:
Weekend / Holiday Rate - Php 600
Weekday Rate - Php 500

Junior Day Pass:
Weekend / Holiday Rate - Php 320
Weekday Rate - Php 250

Special thanks to the Enchanted Kingdom and Mama Bear for this wonderful day. :)


Enchanted Kingdom
San Lorenzo South, 
Santa Rosa City,
Contact Number: (02) 8303535 locals 333 and 444
Twitter: @EK_Philippines 


  1. Oh wow I want to try! And for only 100 bucks why not?! Our family used to go to Enchanted Kingdom when we were kids. I remember being so amazed at Rialto.

  2. Oh really 7D? My kids and I will definitely try it. When we went there 5 mos ago wala pa yan. This is exciting and it's first in the Philippines, wow!......:-)

  3. We haven't been to EK in a long time, the 7D looks interesting! But I think we'll wait until after summer, it's just too hot these days.

    1. Yes, I think it's better to go when it's not too hot anymore. :)

  4. I haven't been to EK in ages! I think the last time I'd been here was when I was still in college. I should pay a visit soon. Dami na yatang bagong rides. :)

    1. Yes, super dami nang bago. You should go some time. :)

  5. I miss Enchanted Kingdom!! It's been years the last time I was there!

    I just realized I am a fan of theme parks! I am always a kid! :)

    Now, I want to try that 7D Motion Theater!!!!

    1. Go try it, Ruth! I so loved it that I wanted to try it again. :)

  6. Didn't get to go with you guys, but I'd definitely visit EK for the 7D Interactive Motion Theater! And wow! I see new rides in the park! It's been a while na rin since the last time I've been there. XD

  7. OMG wth!!!! Bakit ang laki ng itsura ko dian!!! EDIT EDIT EDIT!! NOW NA!!!!!!! OMG KA talaga michy!! Pambihiraaaaa!!!! ganyanan pala ah.. mahanap nga din ung iba mong mga pics dito sa akin bwhahahahahahaha!!! :D :D :D

    1. Wala pa yung jollibee pose mo kaya! hahahaha!!!!

  8. Haven't been in awhile but planning to go for our youngest's birthday. I see there are new attractions and rides. Thanks for the update!


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