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8 Cuts Burger Blends

Note: This location is already closed. 

From my amazing experience at BurgerBar, I decided to bring my friends to its brother resto in UP Town Center: 8 Cuts Burger Blends. The menu of 8 Cuts is similar to BurgerBar except for the 8th meat blend, which is the oxtail. 

From the entrance, you can watch the guys grind, blend meats into burger patties. Glad the guys aren't so camera-shy so I happily took photos of them. :P

We ordered one starter, Loaded Tex-Mex Ground Beef Nachos (Php 295). 

Loaded Tex-Mex Ground Beef Nachos

I love how loaded it was with grated cheese and melted cheese. Truly heaven!

Our group decided to try different Tributes.

This time, I ordered the Rising Shroom (Php 280, single patty). My friends got Four Cheese (Php 245, single patty), The Piggy (Php 245, single patty), and Hang Over (Php 285, single patty).

Rising Shroom

Rising Shroom has Steak Cut Blend patty with fried oyster mushroom tempura, white truffle creamed cheese, and sauteed mushrooms on Kaiser Roll. The mushroom tempura brings a crunch as you take each bite. 

Four Cheese
The Piggy

The Piggy and Four Cheese both have Beef Bomb Blend on Sesame Seed Buns. I must say, I still have dreams of my first encounter with The Piggy and I would love to have it again. I would also love to try Four-Cheese next. :)

Hang Over
The aptly-named Hang Over has Big Game Blend, white cheddar, prosciutto, fried egg, arugula, BBQ sauce, aioli on Sesame Seed Bun. 

I added Php 255 to upgrade my meal into a Shaker Box, which includes Skinny Fries and Nutella Milkshake (!!!!). You can also upgrade your burger to Rated GP (Skinny Fries + Soda) or Rated R18 (Skinny Fries + Hometown Beer). 

Nutella Milkshake

Much as I tried not to consume the whole glass right away, the Nutella fanatic in me failed miserably. I wished I got a bigger glass. I loved it!!!!

It felt like one of my biggest dreams came true with 8 Cuts Burger Blends. My huge respect goes to whoever created this concept. I wouldn't mind braving the crowd to grab these burgers. I am admittedly a fan. :)


8 Cuts Burger Blends
2nd Floor,
UP Town Center,
Katipunan Avenue,
Quezon City

Other locations are SM Mega Fashion Hall and Trinoma


  1. The piggy !!!. That is what every slider aspires to be.

  2. Oh they now have a set with milkshake? I super love both Burger Bar and 8 Cuts, they serve some of the best burgers in the city. :)

    1. Yes, they have. Glad I read the whole menu. :P

      I agree. I love BurgerBar and 8 Cuts too!

    2. Now that you mentioned it I haven't been to Burger Bar yet! Okay I am including 8 Cuts to my growing list of must-try restos. And since I am a milkshake lover I am going to order than nutella milkshake!

    3. You should try it the soonest, Marge! :)


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