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The Mitch Albom Experience

As a bookworm and frustrated writer (read all my book posts here), it is my ultimate dream to meet the writers I look up to. Moreover, it is more wonderful to have my books signed by them. When I found out that Mitch Albom will be having a book tour here in Manila, I blocked that date already. I wouldn't want to miss not having to meet him, like Nicholas Sparks when he had a book signing tour last 2011. 

Mitch Albom is the author of "Tuesdays with Morrie", "For One More Day", "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" and many more. He was here in the country to promote his latest book, "The First Phone Call From Heaven" and to extend help in rebuilding libraries in Tacloban. 

My friend Rhoda and I were well-prepared for this event. We spend the night in a hotel in Makati so we can line up early the next day (thank goodness I won a hotel voucher a few months ago). 

The registration for the book signing starts at 10am, but we had to run to Glorietta at 8am because one of our work colleagues, Julz, was already in line and he was past 100. 

We were joined later by Mots, who is also a fan of Mitch Albom. Almost 2 hours in line when we were asked for an interview by National Bookstore. Yikes!

Photo from Mots

At 10am, we were allowed inside the mall for the registration. I must give credit to National Bookstore for handling the registration quite well. I had to register my name on the laptop while the staff checks my books and puts stickers on it. After we registered, we went back to the hotel to freshen up, pack up, and check out. We had a quick lunch and returned to Glorietta Activity Center for the book signing sesh.

Mitch Albom showed up from the top floor of the mall to take photos of the crowd. 

He then went to the stage for a quick interview, and the book signing session began!

The numbers are called to line up for signing, and there are 20 numbers for each batch. Our hearts are pounding as our numbers were called. 

Mitch was quickly signing each book while taking a break to take photos with fans and even hug them. When it was my turn, the conversation was swift yet endearing:

Me: "Hi Mitch! I'm Mich!"
Mitch: "Oh, it's a girl's name here?" *while signing books*

*staff takes a photo of us*

Me: "Thanks, Mitch!"
Mitch: "Nice seeing you, Mitch!"

My knees when numb as I collected my books and got a souvenir pen. It felt surreal. And all the waiting was worth it. I would love to do this again if he revisits Manila. And I will do this again should my other beloved writers visit Manila. :)

Priceless :)


  1. wow I bet that was an amazing experience and good thing you have photos to show for.. Yey for that!!

  2. I haven't read any of his books yet. But I have heard of him. I bet that was a wonderful experience for you, notwithstanding the crowd and the wait.

    1. You should read his books, Tina. I think everyone should. :)

  3. Gaah! I am so envious! I...we... oh lord, we weren't able to have our books signed! Huhuhu.... But this taught me a lesson, daig ng maagap talaga ang masipag!

    1. Sayang nga eh. Let's just hope he returns to the Philippines soon! :)

  4. Lucky you! We were supposed to go there din but decided at the last minute not to na lang kasi we couldn't find someone to look after the Little One. Reading you post, mukhang tama yata yung decision namin especially since it would have been really hard to entertain the baby in line. Shucks! Next time sana pag medyo malaki na si baby. =(

    1. Yeah, the baby might not have the patience to wait for such a long time. Let's just hope he comes back. :)

  5. OMG the line... i think the last time i did something like that was when it was an admu vs dlsu game back... when hahahahahah ^_^ and that was like lined up ase arly as 5am hahahaha LOL pero ikaw na michyyy super tyaga mode! ikaw na!!!!!!


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