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New Dishes at URBN Bar & Kitchen! #DeliciouslyURBN

Note: This restaurant is already closed. 

Not everyone knows that URBN has good food. For a place known for partying, URBN surpassed the ancient bar food standards and still strives to serve impressive dishes to its patrons. 

My first visit to URBN a year ago easily became one of the most unforgettable food experiences I had. I'm still having dreams of that Dry Aged Rib Eye, mind you. That's why when they invited me again to try their new menu, I didn't have hesitations about revisiting them. 

I was with a friend who has been to URBN many times before but hasn't been at an earlier time to see how classy the place looks like with lights on, and was greatly impressed with what he saw. 

For appetizers, we had the Crisp White Cheese Salad (Php 285).

Crisp White Cheese Salad

The salad has mixed mesclun, orange, pistachio, white cheese, and passion fruit vinaigrette. I love how the vinaigrette makes the salad a bit sweet but to overwhelm the whole salad. 

Other appetizers we had are Bucket of Bacon and Ranch Dip (Php 275) and Bacon Crusted Chicken Tenders (Php 379). 

Bucket of Bacon and Ranch Dip
Bacon Crusted Chicken Tenders

URBN's new menu boasts of dishes with bacon which is made in-house. The Bucket of Bacon and Ranch Dip is bacon strips on top of homemade potato chips in a bucket served with ranch dip, an appetizer I couldn't stop myself from eating. Same goes with the Bacon Crusted Chicken Tenders on top of fries, the bacon added texture and sophistication to the very simple chicken tenders. Don't forget the egg salad dip. :)

For the mains, we were served the Chunky Chili Con Carne (Php 375) and the Slow Roast Beef (Php 675).

Chunky Chili Con Carne
Slow Roast Beef

Served with cheese bread, the Chunky Chili Con Carne wasn't as spicy as I expected, but it was explained to me that it was to accommodate people who don't like spicy food that much (myself included). The beef lover that I am, I drawn to the Slow Roast Beef, served with colcannon (a mashed potato of some sort) and deep-fried egg. The meat was very tender that my knife was almost useless. 

We were also served pizza: BBQ Chicken and Coriander Pizza (Php 345) and Smoked Salmon and White Cheese Pizza (Php 395).

BBQ Chicken and Coriander Pizza
Smoked Salmon and White Cheese Pizza

The BBQ Chicken and Coriander Pizza is a bit on the sweet side because of the BBQ sauce, but it was balanced by the flavor from the coriander. The Smoked Salmon and White Cheese Pizza were generously topped with slices of salmon and white cheese that for someone who loves red meat, I loved it. Seriously, I couldn't choose which one is better because I loved both. 

I was really excited to try URBN's Cheesecake, but our host has another lovely dessert in mind: the Bacon Brownie Smores (Php 255), which sounded like everything I want in a dessert. 

Bacon Brownie S'mores

The Bacon Brownie Smores has a gooey marshmallow and bacon sandwiched between two brownies with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. The contrast of the warm brownie and the ice cream creates an unexplained play in my mouth, made better by the combination of the sweetness of the marshmallow and the saltiness of the bacon. More than a lovely dessert, it is a feast for the senses. 

To celebrate URBN's first anniversary, they are giving you 15% of your total food bill. Just follow the steps below:

I was immensely impressed with how URBN improved their already awesome food. URBN proves that their place is not just for partying, but for great food as well. Kudos to the team of Chef Benjo Tuason for this. I will be dragging my friends here for dinner sometime. ;)

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Thanks to Tricia, Yoko, and Rhey of URBN Bar & Kitchen for having us.


URBN Bar & Kitchen
3rd Floor
Fort Pointe II Building,
The Fort Strip,
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City
Contact Number: 09175649333 
Twitter: @URBN_BGC 


  1. I love the food in URBN its cozy and homey and hearty..

  2. I like the interior design - the tables look awesome :)) And the food looks mighty fine too! Anything with bacon is a sure win, for me though. Haha!

  3. URBN is in The Fort, no wonder I never heard of it before haha.. I don't frequent that part of the planet that much but I think it's not too late. I want to try the cheese pizza. Also I want to see it at night and maybe party like a 20 something.

  4. This is a must-try resto! We'd love to savor their appetizing dishes. I'm actually eyeing that Smoked Salmon and White Cheese Pizza. -- Maria Teresa Figuerres


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