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Campus Eats: Mang Tootz

One of the most popular campus food places around UST is Mang Tootz Food House. When I was in college, the lines are so crazy I only make do with their Banana Rhuma, which I ask my classmates to buy for me. Unlike Almer's (one of my favorite lunch destinations then), Mang Tootz proudly serves dishes that can be on par with other restaurants. 

For my lunch, I got Pork Cheesy Mushroom (Php 65), with a half a cup of rice. And two orders of Banana Rhuma (Php 10 for 3 sticks).

Banana Rhuma

The Pork Cheesy Mushroom was quite delicious, I kinda regretted ordering a half cup of rice only. But it's only because I was saving some tummy space for the Banana Rhuma. 

Nostalgia quickly fills in as soon as I took a bite of Banana Rhuma, indeed it is still the Banana Rhuma I had a few years back. 

Along with Banana Rhuma, my friends also dug in with Mang Tootz' other dishes: Chicken Kebab and Pork Sisig  (Php 60), which can easily beat the sisig from other restaurants I know. 

Pork Sisig
Chicken Kebab

Mang Tootz Food House is one proof that good food need not be expensive. I admire this establishment for being consistent with the quality of the food. No wonder Thomasians (like myself) visit Mang Tootz whenever they go back to UST. 


Mang Tootz Food House
1135 P. Noval Street,


  1. Why is it called banana rhuma?

  2. I saw this on Kris TV and looking at your blog post makes me want to go to UST.

    1. I went there days before the Kris TV feature. It's really a must visit. :)

  3. That chicken kebab looks delicious!

    It is seldom that we encounter carinderias that offer good and quality (and affordable) meals. I should visit the place soon! :)

    1. One of a kind, I guess. I hope more carinderias will follow suit. :)

  4. I'll tell this to my husband. He graduated from UST too and he already showed me where Almer's is. The Banana Rhuma looks good. I'm eyeing on the chicken kebab looks delish!

    1. I hope you and your husband will visit Mang Tootz as well. :)

  5. Omg this is also one of my favorite places to eat around UST! The Chicken Kebab is the best plus of course the Banana rhum-a! <3


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