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Amazed at BurgerBar

Note: BurgerBar was rebranded to 8 Cuts Burger Blends.

It's been months since I enjoyed a good burger, so when my friend (who's addicted to burgers, btw) and I went to Makati, we only had BurgerBar in mind. 

It was mid-afternoon so it wasn't that crowded when we arrived, so we had a booth to ourselves. Yay. :)

In BurgerBar, not only you can customize your burger toppings, you can choose your own patty blend as well. Patty blends include The Beef Bomb (Chuck + Short Rib), The Steak Cut (Sirloin + Chuck), The Big Game (Hanger + Brisket), and The House Blend.

For our first visit, we opted to try The Tributes (we'll customize the next time we visit. hehe).

I ordered The Piggy (Php 245, single patty) while my friend had The 4Cheese Chuck (Php 245, single patty).

The Piggy
The 4Cheese Chuck

The Piggy has Beef Bomb Blend with mozzarella, fried bacon strips, house-made bacon jam, lollo rossa greens, garlic aioli on sesame seed bun. I loved this burger so much I didn't notice I have already eaten half of it! The patty was so juicy that it drips as I take a bite. My suggestion: forget about your manners, eat this with your hands. :P

The 4Cheese Chuck has parmesan-crusted Beef Bomb Blend, yellow cheddar, aged gruyere, mozzarella, arugula, and garlic aioli on sesame seed bun. My friend loved this burger, as her patty also is quite juicy. I could she's as impressed as I was. 

For our drinks, we had The Arnold Palmer (Php 60), or green tea lemonade. 

The Arnold Palmer

I don't really like tea drinks, but I really liked this one. I highly suggest that you try this when you visit BurgerBar. 

For sides, we shared French Fries topped with Sub-Atomic Bacon & Cheese (Php 45 + Php 70). 

French Fries with Sub-Atomic Bacon and Cheese

It was a good thing that we decided to share because a serving is quite huge for me. The fries have this spicy kick that tastes well with the bacon and cheese. For a fries junkie like myself, this is heaven!

I can't stop dreaming of BurgerBar since I had the first bite. The burgers are reasonably-priced and the service was excellent (kudos to our server). I would love to try all The Tributes and create my own burger soon. I'm so happy its brother resto, 8Cuts Burger Blends has recently opened a branch near my workplace. I can march there anytime for a burger fix. I hope you will too. ;)


Ground Level,
Greenbelt 2,
Makati City
Twitter: @BurgerBarPH 


  1. Love it there. Best burger for me :)) heheheh

  2. Looks good! Matry nga hahaha Were they 1/2 pound burgers?

  3. Burgerrrrrrrr!!!! OMG! so yummy!!!

  4. I love Burger Bar and 8 Cuts... so far I like their burgers best among all the burger place I've tried. I'm going to try The Piggy next!

    1. Go try it, Rowena! I think I'm going to drop by BurgerBar or 8 Cuts again soon. :P

  5. I love cheese so I want to try The 4 Cheese Chuck when I go back to Burger Bar ; )


  6. Those burgers are delish! I want to try the French Fries with Sub-Atomic Bacon and Cheese. looks yummy! Thanks for sharing these enticing pictures. It just solidified my need to go and try it!

    1. I super miss BurgerBar, so I might go back soon! :)


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