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The Clubhouse, Robinsons Magnolia

It was a meet-up with my travel buddy, who just went home from a short stint abroad. Though we initially planned to try the buffet restaurant there, I decided against it as I had too much food during the holidays, so we went to The Clubhouse instead. :P

Finding this resto was a bit of a challenge, as we had to walk around outside Robinson's Magnolia to spot it. What we didn't know was they also have a door inside the mall. 

I shared a pasta dish with my friend, the Four Cheese Lasagna (Php 235).

Four Cheese Lasagna

Good for two people, the pasta swims in a cheesy sauce that it is best to wipe off the plate with the bread. Love it!

My friend ordered a simple Tuna Rice Bowl (Php 185) while I got the Benny's Classic (Php 315, double).

Benny's Classic
Tuyo Rice Bowl

The Tuyo Rice Bowl is garlic fried rice, tuyo, olives, mushrooms, and capers. Judging on how quick my friend finished it, I believe it was delicious. 

What I would go back for is Benny's Classic. Served with fries and salad on the side, the hollandaise sauce has this creamy and thick texture, combining well with the poached eggs, ham and English muffin. This breakfast staple is so heavenly! 

For drinks, we shared a carafe of Lemon Iced Tea (Php 160), which is more reasonable than ordering per glass. 

There weren't many dessert choices during our visit so we decided to skip it. 

More than anything, I have been always a fan of comfort food and The Clubhouse is one of those places that I will go to should I have a craving for it. The resto has a vast menu that it would take me a lot of visits to try everything. The ambiance is quite relaxing, and the service is excellent. I can't wait to have their Benny's Classic again.


The Clubhouse
Upper Ground Level,
Robinson's Magnolia
Quezon City


  1. Oooh! Mukhang ang sasarap especially the first two dishes! Sadly, I have limited access to food places in the North. Haha! :)

  2. the place looks nice, must visit this later when I go to Balete drive for a meeting :)

  3. Benny's Classic looks good. I tried the restaurant once, mabalika nga for that


  4. The Benny's classic looks so yummy and the food is affordable definitely worth checking out

  5. The Tuyo Rice Bowl looks yummy! I have to give this place a try one of these days. :)

  6. Would love to try the Benny Classic! I love dishes with really gooey, runny eggs. Sarap kasi e. =)

  7. Looks yummy. Sana they also open a branch in Alabang. I just realized that we don't have a Robinson's mall near here,and so we're missing out on a lot of nice places to eat and shop.

  8. Your posts always make me hungry! Woe me I'm on diet!! :)


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