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Hanayo Grill

Note: This restaurant is already closed. 

I had a reunion-slash-dinner with high school friends in Hanayo Grill, as suggested by my good friend Abby. The resto was easy to spot from Tomas Morato as they have a sign along the street the points to the place. 

The place has two floors, since we are early, we were seated on the first floor. 

Hanayo Grill is not your usual Korean buffet restaurant, as it offers not only samgyupsal for the grilled meats but various US meats as well. 

The buffet spread includes a banchan (appetizer) section and bibimbap station.

Bibimbap -- prepared by request


The spread also has a tempura station.

Aside from prawn and vegetable tempura, it also has fried chicken and Korean pancakes. Our group emptied the prawn tempura, but we're glad it was refilled quickly. :)

I also loved the Korean Beef Stew and Japchae. 


We also enjoyed the Kimbap, Sushi, and Sashimi section. 

The main star(s) of the evening is the grilled meats

Kept in the refrigerator then grilled on the table, this makes the buffet really worth the price!

The grilled meats include Samgyupsal or pork belly, Jeyuk Bulgogi, or pork bulgogi marinated in spicy chili pepper sauce, So Bulgogi or beef bbq strips, Sukiyaki or beef sirloin, Nakyupsal or beef top blade steak, Chadolbaegi or beef brisket, LA Galbi and Galbi

The veggies come unlimited too. The staff was very helpful with grilling and making sure our grilled meats don't get burnt. The meats are very tender and flavorful that I barely touched the sauces. 

The Hanayo Korean buffet experience doesn't stop here, as they also offer unlimited Korean ice cream!

ohhhh.. which one to choose? :)
Because I was too full, I only managed to have one. 

Hanayo Grill's buffet offerings are more than what I expected. The food quality is excellent and the staff was wonderful. The place is surely worth going back to. I want to try more grilled meats and try as much Korean ice cream as I can. :)

Buffet Prices:

Lunch - Php 500
Dinner - Php 550


Hanayo Grill
116B Tomas Morato corner Scout Lozano Street,
South Triangle,
Quezon City
Contact Numbers: 09228552596 / 9628282


  1. okay.. now I know why.. you were really liking the place.... tempura + unli ice cream + grilled meat.. YUMMY!!!!

  2. I wish we had restos like this in my area. Para I don't have to go all the way to Manila just to enjoy real Korean food. :)

    1. I hope Hanayo Grill is near me as well. I loved it! :)

  3. I love Korean food so I will definitely try this. thanks for sharing :)

  4. Oh I've been wanting to try this resto, thanks for the post! :D

  5. Not bad, how is the quality of sashimi and ok yung rice ng sushi?


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