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Grillery Restaurant & Bar

Note: This restaurant is already closed. 

I came from a family that loves grilling. I love grilling so much that whenever there's a chance, I would lovingly marinate kilos of pork and chicken single-handedly. And honestly, it's no easy feat, but I love it. 

My answer came quite obvious when I was invited to try this hang-out place in Greenhills Town Center, aptly named Grillery. The place is quite hidden from the main street, which is better if you want to eat al fresco.  

The restaurant is owned by two brothers with a passion for great food: Rayan and Chef Edmond. What was originally a bar evolved to a resto-bar.

We were served their bestselling dishes: Balinese Fish (Php 200) and Chicken ala Kiev (Php 250).

Balinese Fish

Beautifully slathered with Chef Edmond's secret sauce that plays the main role in making this dish flavorful yet simple. 

I was also amazed by the Chicken ala Kiev, served on top of rice. 

Chicken ala Kiev

Slicing the Chicken ala Kiev reveals the lovely aroma from the herbed butter and spreads on the rice. I'm trying to lessen my rice intake, but it was tough to resist this. Another must-try in Grillery! 

Another dish the Grillery is proud of is the Grillery Liempo (Php 190 for solo, Php 285 for sharing).

Grillery Liempo

The Grillery Liempo has minimal fat trimmings and the tenderness of the meat is unexpectedly soft and heavenly that chewing it was a delight. I would love to have this again on my next visit. 

A sweet ending to our lovely dinner was the Oreo Puffs (Php 165), served with vanilla ice cream (Php 20). 

Oreo Puffs

These are Oreos covered in pancake batter, deep-fried and drizzled with chocolate syrup. Any kid-at-heart (like myself) will love it!

Grillery is one of the places I would go to for great food at affordable prices. It's one neighborhood resto-bar you'd want to go to hang-out, enjoy good food with friends or family, and maybe have some drinks. :)

Thanks to Kim Marcelo, Rayan Dunnug, and Chef Edmond Dunnug for having us.


Grillery Restaurant & Bar
Greenhills Town Center,
Granada Street,
Brgy. Valencia,
Quezon City
Opening Hours: 5:00pm to 2:00am
Contact Number: 6546058


  1. Oooh the liempo looks super good! :)

  2. I love grilled food too! The food they served looks sooo delicious. Craving for dessert now :D

  3. Oreo! :) and the chicken ala kiev looks fantastic Michy

  4. Tempting dishes at Grillery! This restaurant is near our place. I'd love to take my hubby and son there to try their delicious food offerings. -- Maria Teresa Figuerres


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