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Cafe Shibuya

Note: This location is already closed. 

After our hearty lunch at Primero Casa Filipino and a soothing foot spa at Beijing Foot Spa (more about this soon), my friend Jeng and I went to UP Town Center for some desserts in Cafe Shibuya.

It was a full house when we arrived, but we're glad we scored a table near the counter. While seriously deliberating on which dessert toasts we'll be ordering, we indulged with the Ghirardelli Frappes. Yes, you read that right: Ghirardelli. :P

Jeng had the Below Zero Chocolate Frappe (Php 155) while I had the Triple Dark Chocolate Frappe (Php 165).

Below Zero Chocolate Frappe
Triple Dark Chocolate Frappe (Coffee Based)

Jeng's drink is an impressive mix of milky and chocolatey while my drink has a strong chocolate flavor. Love it!

So we can try as much as we can, we ordered baby sizes for the dessert toasts. Please note that all dessert toasts have regular sizes as well. 

We tried the All American PB & J (Php 195, baby), Mango Caramel (Php 185, baby), and Nutella (Php 195, baby).

All-American PB & J
Mango Caramel
Nutella (!!!!!)

Two things that we have observed with the toasts are its pillowy texture and the buttery taste that goes well with any of the toppings. I would love to eat the toast without any syrup or ice cream on top. It was that delicious. 

The All American PB & J is peanut butter, strawberry jelly topped with vanilla ice cream and banana slices on the side. It didn't excite me that much, maybe because the strawberry jelly wasn't as sweet as I expected. 

However, I loved the Mango Caramel and (my favorite spread) Nutella. I liked that they used sweet ripe mangoes for the Mango Caramel. And Nutella is Nutella, I'm a huge fan. :)

I was blown away with their amazing desserts and the Ghirardelli frappe that I would love to go back for more, and hopefully try their pasta dishes and savory toasts the next time. 


Cafe Shibuya
Ground Floor,
UP Town Center,
Katipunan Avenue, 
Quezon City
Contact Numbers: 7222237 / 09472213836


  1. Ghiralleli, ghirardi, ghirardeli... okay got it! Ghiraddelli. Whew! Why the fuck is it called that way anyway? Lol. So those were toasts? The ones below the scoops of ice cream? Looks interesting, something to look forward to if ever I get to Katipunan again.

    1. Ghirardelli. hehehe. It was a typo, fixed it already. hehehe.

  2. MICHY!!!! food trip again??? I am so effortless doomed when it comes to food.. hahaha laging gutom mata ko bwhahaha and yes.. why the heck is that chocolate named that way.. too difficult to remember.. I rather memorize the taste through constant eating than having to say it over and over again.. ghirarrrr what? LOL! ... lets go out again soon dear :D :D :D

    1. Ghirardelli. hahaha. :)

      Can't wait, see you again soon! :)

  3. Those desserts look yummy, especially that Nutella one. :)


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