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Wickedmouth: Unang Putok

Our world needs more humor. In a world where everything seems to be gloomy and sad, I believe than anyone who creates laughter is a hero. An addition to my league of heroes is my fellow blogger and PBOer, Glenn of Wickedmouth.

Late last year, Glenn (alongside one of my favorite bloggers, Motsmots) published his first book "Unang Putok". 

Glenn shares his childhood stories (his hatred for extracurricular activities, which I echo), his college experiences, his family (Sasha Fierce, Mudrax Doris), and his (mis)adventures with his best friend he lovingly calls "Khikhi" (go figure). 

My personal favorites are his high-tech bullying, his absent-minded travel planning, and he's giving the wrong directions to a tourist bus. 

I am a huge fan of "in-your-face" humor and this book marks the spot. I love how the author calls it as he sees it (sorry for those who only like decent humor). With every story, you see a part of you as Glenn weaves his words as if you're there.

This book is straightforward fun, with no hidden innuendos, no philosophical translations. Just reality, its harshness, and goodness combined.

Get a copy of "Wickedmouth: Unang Putok" in Powerbooks, National Book Store, and Bestsellers. 

Author: Glentot

Illustrated by: Mots


  1. It is without a doubt one if not the best humor book I've ever read. I am more into western humor but this one, totally got me.

  2. meron na ako nito and yes, nakaka entertain talaga. good job for mots and glenn (kunwari close kami, hehehe).

  3. Hala bakit ngayon lang ako nagcomment? Thanks a lot Michy!!! Nagustuhan ko yung review mo brief pero may laman. Erm I probably shouldn't use BRIEF and LAMAN in a single sentence.


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