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Ombu Modern Filipino at Sequioa Hotel

Note: This restaurant is rebranded to Ombu Kusina. 

My friend Lovelee and I had our post-Christmas dinner at this newly-opened restaurant named Ombu Modern Filipino. It is located on the ground floor of one of the newest hotels in the area, Sequoia Hotel. 

Ironic for a Filipino restaurant, Ombu's interiors are neat, with mostly white and black accents to the tables, chairs, and walls. We practically have the place to ourselves, so we chose to sit at the booth. 

The evening was particularly freezing, so while waiting for my friend, I requested for a cup of Hot Chocolate (Php 60).

Hot Chocolate

Sipping the hot beverage, I tasted tablea, which is not too strong. It was sweet enough that I didn't feel the need to add sweetener. 

To begin our feast, we had Gising-Gising (Php 170) and Binakol (Php 260).

The Gising-Gising has a spicy kick enough to jumpstart your system without overwhelming the creaminess of the coconut milk. Binakol is chicken soup with ginger, lemongrass, and coconut water. Though our Binakol was more than enough for us, the staff served us with extra soup. I love their Binakol that I would love to have it again. 

For pasta, we ordered the Salted Egg Spaghettini (Php 200).

Salted Egg Spaghettini

This pasta dish is spaghettini coated with salted egg yolks, topped with tomatoes, cucumber, and salted egg whites. The texture of this pasta is coarse, brought by the salted egg, however, the saltiness is a welcome treat for somebody who loves salted egg, like me. This dish is definitely a must-try when you visit. 

Another impressive dish is the Crispy Glazed Chicken (Php 240).

Crispy Glazed Chicken

The fried chicken coated with sweet garlic sauce is one of the best fried chicken discoveries I've had. The fried chicken was flavorful and juicy enough but made better by the sauce. 

For dessert, we got Beignet with Tsokolate-Eh Dip (Php 145) and Frozen Brazo de Mercedes (Php 140).

Beignet with Tsokolate-Eh Dip
Frozen Brazeo de Mercedes

Beignet is kinda similar to doughnuts, served with Tsokolate-Eh Dip. It was under the merienda menu, but I wanted to try it for dessert. Simple yet delicious. We also had Frozen Brazo de Mercedes, which my friend really loved. 

Ombu Modern Filipino is one of the few restaurants that has impressed me with their unique take on creating new dishes from Filipino ingredients. The prices of the dishes were surprisingly affordable, and the servings are good for sharing. The whole staff was extra-friendly and very helpful (shoutout to their manager, Rhed, who personally went to our table to entertain us). 

It's a classy place where you can bring your friends and family without burning a hole in your pocket. Ombu definitely deserves another visit. 


Ombu Modern Filipino Restaurant
Ground Floor, 
Sequoia Hotel, 
91-93 Mother Ignacia Avenue corner Timog Avenue
Quezon City


  1. The place looks expensive and intimidating but apparently the price is just right. Hmmm.. So gising-gising is like bicol express and binakol is like tinola right? I love the look of that salted egg spaghettini.

  2. So many new and nice Filipino restaurants! I will put this in my list!

    The Glazed Chicken looks so yummy! and the Hot Chocolate too! :)

    1. I hope you'll like this place as much as I did, Ruth! ;)

  3. The pasta with salted egg looks promising, but the place is sooooo far from where I live. Haha. - RUSS

  4. Been to Ombu last December with someone. Love their Gising-Gising...

  5. Oh I haven't seen this in the area, I'm sure my mom would like to try it when she vacations here from the US. The beignet is interesting.

    1. It's been open for less than a year, that's why. I hope your mom likes it. :)


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