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Kimukatsu Opens in Manila

Tokyo's popular 25-layer tonkatsu is now in Manila! 

Kimukatsu, a famous pork cutlet restaurant in Japan with locations in Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, and Sendai within Japan and international locations in the USA and Korea, has opened its first Philippine location last December 22, 2013, in Shangri-la Plaza East Wing. It was rather fortunate that I was invited by the people behind Kimukatsu to try their dishes. 

I love that the cabbage and miso soup (red or white) was served immediately, so the customers can start eating while waiting for the katsu to be served.

Red and White Miso Soup

The cabbage is unlimited and can be mixed with either Goma or shio dressing. It was also interesting that they have two kinds of miso soup: red, a bit of spicy kick added, and white, which is soothing and creamy.

Side Menu

While waiting for our katsu, we were served Ebi Mayo (Php 210) and Potato Salad (Php 130).

Potato Salad
Ebi Mayo

The Ebi Mayo is peeled prawns with Japanese mayo. It was a bit spicy, but I loved it a lot I almost didn't share. :P The Potato Salad was delicious as well, who would have thought that a small serving could be that heavy?

David Guevarra, the Operations Manager, also taught us how to prepare the dips for the katsu. 

After grinding the black sesame seeds, he mixed it on the tonkatsu sauce, then on the ponzu sauce. The third dip is Himalayan pink salt. 

Each katsu set also comes with Japanese pickles and their special Japanese rice, which is prepared as you order. The rice is unbelievably shiny yet well-cooked. The rice, too, is unlimited. :)

We were served the 7 flavor Kimukatsu Set (Php 2400, includes 6 rice sets) for us to try all the tonkatsu flavors. Of course, you can order each flavor individually. 

7 Flavor Kimukatsu Set

1. Plain (Php 380)

2. Garlic (Php 380)

3. Black Pepper (Php 390) - coated with high-grade black pepper all around.

4. Cheese (Php 390) - filled with cheddar cheese.

5. Negi Shio (Php 380) - filled with spring onions in the middle. 

6. Ume Shiso (Php 430) - filled with Japanese plum and shiso leaf

7. Yuzu Kosho (Php 430) - filled with Yuzu fruits and green chili pepper, really spicy

It was tough to choose favorites, but I loved the Black Pepper, Cheese, Negi Shio, and Ume Shiso. My friend, however, loved the Yuzu Kosho and Garlic. 

Each bite of the katsu is heaven, as it was very tender that it almost melts in my mouth. As I savor each flavor, I was trying my best not to blurt out expletives, as I couldn't believe how this tonkatsu astounded me. The meat, although deep-fried, wasn't greasy. The filling complement the juicy meat instead of engulfing it. I was indeed entranced. 


After indulging with all the flavors of Kimukatsu tonkatsu, we were offered desserts. 

We had the Kurogoma Pudding (Php 110) and Japanese Panna Cotta (Php 110).

Kurogoma Pudding
Japanese Panna Cotta

The Kurogoma Pudding or Black Sesame Pudding was light and creamy that I couldn't stop myself from getting more. The Japanese Panna Cotta, topped with a special kind of sugar, is as marvelous. Both desserts are what I would want after a hearty meal. 

Kenji Komuro, the PR Director for Kimukatsu, handed us Kimukatsu Sandwich in cute boxes for takeaway. 

Kimukatsu Sandwich

Kimukatsu Sandwiches are available in Plain (Php 210) and Cheese (Php 230).

My visit to Kimukatsu proves that nothing beats quality ingredients and preparation. I left Kimukatsu in a blissful daze, swearing that I will come back for more. 

Thanks to Kenji Komuro and David Guevarra for Kimukatsu Philippines for having us. 


Level 5 
Shangri-la Plaza East Wing, 
Shaw Boulevard corner Edsa
Mandaluyong City
Contact Number: 7270333
Twitter @kimukatsuph 


  1. wahahahahahaha!!!!! Michyyyyyy!!!!!!..... bwhahahaha!!! We also had the potato salad and the ebi mayo.. We enjoyed it.. although ang konti ng ebi mayo!..... hands down... we loved the cheese flavored katsu.....also tried the sandwhich cheese flavored.. and found the bread a little thick.. but still soft.. hehehehe...great snack!!!

    my dad enjoyed his experience here when we ate.. and he rarely goes japanese. He was impressed by the quality of the rice and over ate for the very first time in a long time... as for me.. well I always over eat! Bwhahahaha!!! posting my review on this next week........bwhahahaha !!!! Japanese food = love...

    1. I cannot wait to go back. I've had hangover that lasted the whole week! hahaha! :)

  2. woooow!!! This looks delicious! :D tinangnan namin ng officemates ko yung blog mo. nagutom sila :DD kakain rin daw kame jan kase malapit lang sa office namin. ihihihi :D Thanks for sharing sis! :D

    1. Thank you so much for checking my blog. :) Hope you'll try Kimukatsu soon. :)

  3. Got to try Kimukatsu last week, and I loved it! It's definitely a whole notch higher from the other great katsu joints in the country. As much as I love Yabu, Kimukatsu is more addicting! Super love their Ume Shiso and Yuzu Kosho katsus! <3 Their Cheese Kimukatsu Sandwich is really good too. My dad and sis loved it to bits!

    1. I can't wait to go back here. Loved it as well. :)

  4. Very interesting place, Michy! I totally love the idea of choosing from the 7 flavors. And my, the desserts look weird yet interesting. Haha!

    I need to try this out too, soon! :)

  5. OMG you made me hungry! I haven't tried Yabu and now here comes a new resto to put on my list. I wish I'm just near somewhere north but I will definitely visit when I pass by Shang.

  6. yummmm! im so addicted to katsu!! im sure ittry namin ni husband to :D

  7. I like Cheese flavored the best.


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