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Spiral Buffet at Sofitel Manila

One hotel buffet that has been on my list for the longest time is Spiral by Sofitel Manila. My friend Lovelee and I bought vouchers from CashCashPinoy for Php 1600 for a Php 2450 worth of food from any of Sofitel Manila's restaurants. 

Buffet dinner from Sunday to Thursday is worth Php 2800.41 so we just added Php 350 on top of our vouchers. :)

Spiral Manila has 21 dining ateliers, from appetizers to desserts. In all honesty, one or two visits aren't enough to try everything. 

Atelier # 1: Salad and Appetizer

This atelier has a great selection to create your personal salad, which the chef will mix for you. 

1st plate

Atelier # 2: L'Ecailler

Fresh seafood that you can have prepared in any way you want. :)

Atelier # 3: Sushi Sashimi

2nd plate

One of my favorite stations in any buffet. However, the selections weren't as grand as I expected. 

Atelier # 4: L'Epicerie

My favorite atelier at Spiral. It has a special glass room and contains lots of cold cuts and cheeses from all around the world. It was truly heaven for us that we tried as many as we could. 

3rd plate

Atelier # 5: Hot Japanese

Basically a teppanyaki station. We skipped this on purpose as we still have other ateliers we want to try. 

Atelier # 6: French Stove

More than the variety of French dishes, my friend and I zeroed in on the foie gras, which is prepared as requested.

4th plate (foie gras!)

Sinful yet delightful. :)

5th plate

Atelier # 7: Rotisserie

A place where everything is roasted and wonderful. I skipped this one as well for some reason. 

Atelier # 8: Wood Fired Oven

A pizza lover's paradise. :) We weren't able to try this too. :(

Atelier # 9: Churrasco

Skewers cooked the Brazilian way. We danced around this station as we truly love barbecue. :)

6th plate

I love beef and sausages the most!

Atelier # 10: North Indian

This station has anything from tandoori to paneer to any kind of curry. Not a huge fan of Indian food though (but will get there someday). 

Atelier # 11: Asian Noodles

Create your own noodle dish with all the freshest ingredients available. :)

Atelier # 12: Peking Duck Oven

Roasted Peking Duck, another winner dish we didn't miss trying as well. 

Atelier # 13: Chinese Wok

Dishes that are familiar to our taste buds. We skipped this as well. 

Atelier # 14: Steam Baskets

7th plate

Dim sum galore! The dim sum wasn't as impressive but good enough. 

Atelier # 15: Filipino

Need I explain more?

Atelier # 16: Thai

I was all too excited to get Pad Thai, but I was told that it wasn't in the spread but I can order ala carte for an additional price *sniff*

Atelier # 17: Korean

Kimchi, bulgogi, bibimbap and more. :)

Atelier # 18: La Boulangerie

A grandiose display of warm bread in all shapes and sizes. 

Atelier # 19: La Patisserie

My favorite part of the meal -- desserts! La Patisserie has a simple yet beautiful display for desserts, and chocolate fountains too. :)

8th plate

Atelier # 20: Chocolaterie

Like L'Epicerie, the Chocolaterie has a glass room with an amazing display of chocolates that can be bought per piece. 

Atelier # 21: Creamery

Another favorite of mine, it houses delicious ice cream flavors, a halo-halo station and crepe station. 

9th plate

Overall, the Spiral Buffet was satisfying. The service was excellent, with the staff very willing to help us with anything. For the food choices, it somehow fell a few notches below my expectations however, the L'Epicerie makes up for it. 


Spiral Manila
Sofitel Philippine Plaza,
CCP Complex
Roxas Boulevard,
Pasay City
Contact Number: 8326988
Facebook Page: Sofitel Manila 
Facebook Page: Spiral Manila 
Twitter: @SofitelManila 
Twitter: @SpiralManila 


  1. Wow, the coupon is a really good deal! Spiral is still the best hotel buffet for me. Love the Epicerie too... during dinner they have a foie gras station. :D


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