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Lunch at Coco Lime, Subic Bay

My family frequents Subic whenever we go home to my grandparents' home because Subic is only a half-hour (or less) drive. However, we spent most of our time shopping (chocolate hoarding for me) or have a picnic. Much as I hate to admit, we haven't explored Subic for food. 

When we last visited Subic, my mother decided that we try this popular restaurant in the area: Coco Lime. 

The restaurant was just about to open when we arrived, but people were already waiting outside. We must be in the right place. 

Coco Lime serves Asian dishes, but mostly Filipino food for quite affordable prices. 

Here's what we had for lunch:

Pochero Beef Soup
Chicken Inasal

Pochero Beef Soup (Php 320) for the adults and Chicken Inasal (Php 225, 3 pcs) for the kids. We were overwhelmed with the Pochero, but the meat was tender and the soup was soothing. 

We also had Grilled Assorted Seafood (Php 275) and Prawn & Vegetables in Coconut Milk (Php 210)

Grilled Assorted Seafoods
Prawns and Vegetables in Coconut Milk

The Grilled Assorted Seafood has whole squid, bangus, and prawns. It doesn't look appetizing, but the seafood was fresh, that the oldies enjoyed it. I liked the Prawn & Vegetables in Coconut Milk as well. :)

Kare-Kare (!!!!)

We had my favorite Filipino dish as well, Kare-Kare (Php 285). The Kare-Kare had way too much atsuete for me, but it didn't stop me from loving this dish. I flood my plate with kare-kare sauce, and I'm a happy kid. :p

My mom and I enjoyed their fruit shake: I had Watermelon (Php 60) while my mom had Mango (Php 60).

Coco Lime is one of those restaurants that I regret I haven't tried earlier. The prices were more affordable than I expected, the service was impeccable and the food was wonderful. I'm glad my mom brought us here. Their servings are big enough for sharing. They also have set menus for big groups. I would love to visit this place again to try their other dishes. :)


Coco Lime Specialty Asian Cuisine
(near Ayala Harbor Point)
Rizal Highway,
Subic Bay Freeport Zone


  1. I love this place too :D Binabalik-balikan ko whenever I visit friends in Subic :D

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  3. I Love Coco Lime :) Fortunately, it's near where I work here in Subic :) btw, just curious, where are your grandparents from?


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