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Avocado Cake by Lia's Cakes in Season

We are a chocolate-loving family, except my dad. Aside from rare times that he asks for a piece of whatever chocolate we are eating, he is completely repulsive with it. Way before I started blogging, I bought him this cake for his birthday. And he totally loved it! I haven't seen him so enthusiastic with a dessert that he would almost eat the whole cake. 

That cake is Avocado Cake from Lia's Cakes in Season.

Avocado Cake, the bake shop's bestselling item, is an heirloom recipe from the owner's grandmother. His mother, Lia, perfected the recipe and Lia's famous Avocado Cake is born. :)

This dessert has chiffon cake with avocado frosting, generously-topped with crushed pistachio on top. It is not too sweet, but the delicious avocado frosting totally makes up for it. 

Aside from the avocado cake, Lia's Cakes in Season also has other cakes and specialty treats like cupcakes, silvanas, taisan loaves, cookies, and polvoron. I actually bought my Christmas giveaways last year from them as they also have their goodies in beautiful packaging. 

A whole cake costs Php 680 while a slice costs Php 85. 

Lia's Cakes in Season menu (as of November 2013)


Lia's Cakes in Season
25 A&B East Capitol Drive,
Bgy. Kapitolyo,
Pasig City
Contact Numbers: 6331937, 09176258060
For deliveries, call 87878


  1. My bf loves avocado and I have being seeing pics of this avocado cake for sometime not knowing where it came from. Now I know, thanks to you Michy! May cake na akong gift para sa bday ni Pats :)

    1. I'm glad I was able to help. You're welcome Zai! :)

  2. never seen/tasted one. mukhang masarap. btw, my family loves avocado. and cake too. :)

  3. now I wonder how it taste. di kase ako mahilig sa avocado na fruit. however, I think I'd love to try it if its taste is sweeter. something new! :)

  4. My dad loves avocado too. We should try that din. =)


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