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Sunrise Buckets

My colleagues and I went out for lunch at Sunrise Buckets a few weeks ago. This is one of the wings places that I haven't tried before, given the proximity from our workplace. 

The place looks like an American sports bar. My workmates were surprised that it wasn't crowded when we arrived, as long queues are common in Sunrise Buckets especially during peak hours. 

Already placed on our table are plastic gloves and a small basket labeled "bone collector". I appreciate that they thought of placing a bone collector so that the customers can eat comfortably and still manage to have a neat table. 

Sunrise Buckets Wings are sold by the pound (or half a pound), and they also have boneless chicken which is sold by grams. Note that the prices depend on the flavor group. 

We ordered 2 1/2 pounds (Php 675) in two flavors: Sunrise Original and Hickory. Luckily, there was an ongoing promo during our visit, hence, we got a 1/2 pound Jack Daniel's wings (worth 245). 

The most raved flavor is Jack Daniel's, which I understand now. However, I liked the sweetness and sauciness of the Hickory more. The Sunrise Original is an awesome combination of sweet and spicy, something I appreciated as well since I'm not too keen on extremely hot wings. 

While my companions had rice, I had Cheezy Beef Fries (Php 135), which is flooded with grated cheese and cheese sauce. There was so much cheese that we wiped it off with some chicken wings. :)

Cheezy Beef Fries

One of the best Iced Teas I have tried is Sunrise Iced Tea (Php 195 for a pitcher). We loved it so much that we asked for another pitcher. 

Sunrise Iced Tea

Sunrise Iced Tea has a hint of vanilla flavor that adds to the aroma of the drink. I would usually grab soda whenever I eat out, but I would grab a glass (or pitcher) of Sunrise Iced Tea when I visit again.

Honestly, Sunrise Buckets is more expensive compared to other wings places that I've visited, but if you like bold flavors and saucy wings, this is the place to go. The staff is quite friendly too. :)


Sunrise Buckets
The Grove by Rockwell, 
C5, Libis, Pasig City
Contact Number: 2341382


  1. Sunrise Buckets is actually the first resto I've been to where I used an online voucher! :D Haha.. So it somehow has a sentimental value. XD Anyway, I love their wings and the place. I haven't been back in years though, but I'd definitely be visiting again. Hopefully, soon.


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