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Reminiscing with RC Cola

RC Cola brings me a lot of memories, especially during my college years. With measly allowance for meals and other school stuff, my friends and I would troop to a budget-friendly canteen or to our favorite street food vendor during breaks. 

We always get RC Cola to partner with kikiam, isaw, kwek-kwek, chicken balls, banana cue, or barbeque. It was fun just having simple conversations with friends while enjoying food. 

Royal Crown Cola has been in the Philippines for decades, as even my parents have their own stories about RC Cola. This brand is best known for being very affordable and satisfying. 

RC Cola now comes in 5 sizes, so you can enjoy this drink whether alone or with friends and family. 

I love drinking RC Cola ice-cold, with some snacks, of course. :)

From Php 5 for the 240mL bottle to Php 33 for 1.5L, who wouldn't love it? 

Affordable and thirst-quenching, that's RC Cola.


RC Cola
Twitter: @RCColaOfficial


  1. akalaaaaa ko baaaa diyeeeeeeeet !!! pero seriously!!! love it !!! mura and yummy!!!! hahahahahahaha

  2. I've tried RC before just not sure kung saan. usually kase coca-cola at pepsi dito sa CDO. but as far as I can remember, diba parang magkalasa ang RC at pop cola? hehe...

  3. My tita loves RC cola. It tastes good and is cheaper than the other brands. =)

  4. buhay pa pala RC cola. nawala na yun dati a. haha.

    1. I think my dad mentioned that to me before also. :)


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