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JAM Foods Original Angus Beef Tapa

During our lunch at Imbiss Manila, Mama Bear introduced us to Michelle Cu-unjieng, wife of Chef John Cu-unjieng and co-owner of JAM Foods. JAM Foods, the brainchild of Chef John and Michelle, sells USDA Angus Beef ready-to-cook products. We were given Original Angus Beef Tapa (Php 550, 1 kg) to try. :)

no need to add oil! :)

What's nice about JAM Foods Original Angus Beef Tapa is you don't need to add oil to cook it. Just heat it on a non-stick pan, and voila! You have an epic breakfast treat! :)

Angus Tapa goodness! :)

I love how flavorful and tender the meat is. It's best served with a fried egg and garlic rice, but I'd seriously want to eat it on its own. 

I would love to try their Angus Beef Salpicao next time, which won the Ultimate Taste Test 8 last year. :)

Product List:

Original Angus Beef Tapa - Php 550, 1kg
Spicy Angus Beef Tapa - Php 650, 1kg
Angus Korean BBQ - Php 650, 1kg
Angus Burger (4 pcs) - Php 550, 1kg
Angus Salpicao - Php 650, 800g
Premium Lean Tapa - Php 650, 800g
Angus Rib Eye Steak - for pre-order

Check out JAM Foods' Instagram Page for distributors near you. :)
Note that prices above may vary depending on the distributor.


JAM Foods
Viber: 09175331371
Contact Number: 6229740


  1. uuuuyy in fairness talagang nagsipag-luto ang mga baby bears ko haha! ;)) Sige, kayo na ang chef! Ako nalang ang taste tester ok? :P

  2. hoping someday i cook like that..

  3. Wow it's expensive hahaha.. But I know that it's worth it, because hey it's angus beef!


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