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Imbiss Manila

I found myself somewhere in the South a few days ago to meet up with two blogger friends, Jane or Mama Bear of Sugar Spice and Everything Nice and a fellow food blogger Jeng of Food in The Bag

Mama Bear arranged an itinerary for us and Imbiss Manila was our first stop for the day. We were also joined by Michelle Cu-unjieng by Jamfoods for lunch. Michelle is the wife of Chef John Cu-unjieng, the chef consultant for Imbiss Manila. 

A German-inspired restaurant, Imbiss Manila opened just last October and serves has been doing well, especially during the night. By the way, Imbiss means "snack" in German. 

For starters, we had Loaded Potato Skins (Php 255), Angus Salpicao (Php 355), and Spicy Chicken Wings (Php 235).

Loaded Potato Skins

I fell in love with the Loaded Potato Skins, which is topped with cheese and bacon, served with homemade sour cream. I couldn't stop myself from eating everything! :)

Spicy Chicken Wings
Angus Salpicao

I loved the Spicy Chicken Wings as well, which has a right amount of spicy kick in it. The Angus Salpicao is tender, but it could be better with more garlic. 

For mains, we tried the Chicken Schnitzel (Php 325) and Pork Schnitzel (Php 325).

Chicken Schnitzel

Pork Schnitzel

Schnitzel is a German dish where the boneless meat is thinned using a hammer before being breaded and fried. We had the Pork Schnitzel with rice pilaf while we chose the Chicken Schnitzel to be served with mashed potatoes. Both dishes were huge enough for sharing, very simple yet enjoyable food. 

Imbiss also serves All Day Breakfast, like the Eggs Benedict & Sausage (Php 255).

Eggs Benedict and Sausage

It has 2 poached egg on bread with Hollandaise sauce and served with 2 pieces of sausage. A delightful all-day treat!

Imbiss Manila also serves European beers, like Stella Artois and Paulaner. :)

For dessert, we had the Sizzling Double Dark Chocolate Brownie (Php 135).

Sizzling Double Dark Chocolate Brownie

This lovely dessert is served on a sizzling plate, swimming in chocolate sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream. It was indeed heavenly! 

I had a great time at Imbiss Manila, the dishes are reasonably priced and the food was delicious! I wouldn't mind going back to try their other dishes. 

Thank you so much to Mama Bear for introducing us to Imbiss Manila. :)


Imbiss Manila
249 Aguirre Avenue,
BF Homes,
Parañaque City
Contact Number: 09063413257
Opening Hours: 11:00AM to 1:00AM


  1. Thank you my dearest Michy! <3 Next time you guys come over I will treat you to Phoenix Court's Dimsum all you can naman! ;) Hanggang gabi tayo dun hahaha!

    1. Thank you for bringing us here, Mama Bear! :) Wow, treat ulit? Thank you thank you! See you again soon! Love love love! :)

  2. Thanksssss so much po mama bear!!! OMG!! Mama bear!!!!! ... hangang gabi talaga>>? Gutom face on!!? michy!!!!!!!!!! overnight tayo sa isa sa mga hotels doon! mura lang sa deal grocer! LOL! :D :D :D para after eating diretsong tulog! LOL! :D :D :D

  3. no joke! nag crave ako bigla sa Sizzling Double Dark Chocolate Brownie! ugrh! sana may ganyan sa CDO! huhu.. btw, anong lasa ng mashed potato sa kanila? di ko kase feel yung sa KFC eh. awwp

  4. You got me with the brownie sayang ang layo lang =(

  5. Wow i feel so hungry! That brownie is soooo evil!


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