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7-Meat Degustation at Cambodian BBQ

One of the most memorable dining experiences we had at Siem Reap was at Cambodian BBQ, along  Pub Street Alley. We were caught by their interesting 7-Meat degustation menu.

The 7-Meat Degustation costs 16 USD (or Php 720) for 2 persons (and 9.25 USD or around Php 416 for 1 person). This includes complimentary unlimited noodles, broth, rice, veggies, and sauces. 

The meats in our menu were: 
- beef
- barracuda
- chicken
- crocodile
- pork
- squid 
- shark "dogfish"

Can you see which meats are there?

Our server fixed our dinner by adding coals to the open stove in our table and setting up a griller/broth cooker. Though I have tried crocodile meat before, this was the first time I had the non-processed one. It was the first meat my friend grilled so "we can get over it asap". In all honesty, the texture is similar to chicken meat, but croc meat was blander. 

The barracuda tasted like any other saltwater fish, however, the shark meat tasted too ''fishy" for me. 

I appreciated that the staff would refill our broth regularly and would ask if we need more veggies, noodles, or rice. We kinda ignored rice as we enjoyed the noodles and veggies more with the meats. 

We were overwhelmed by our order that we didn't finish everything, but if the degustation menu wouldn't be enough for you, you can order ala carte. 

Aside from the 7-Meat Degustation, Cambodian BBQ also has 12-Meat Special Degustation at 27.50 USD (or around Php 1237) for 2 persons. The 12-Meat Degustation has frog-leg, kangaroo, and ostrich meats. 

Our dinner at Cambodian BBQ is kinda expensive compared to the other meals we had, but if you're into exotic adventures, this place is a must-try. 

For dessert, we went to Phsar Leu Bakery to grab some ice cream. 

Phsar Leu is almost similar to The Blue Pumpkin as they also sell bread and ice cream. 

This time we were able to experience sitting on the bed-like couches. :)

And just like The Blue Pumpkin, bread is half-priced after 9pm, so we got to buy a few more breads for our Angkor Wat sunrise tour the next morning.  


Cambodian BBQ
Pub Street Alley, 
Siem Reap, 

Phsar Leu Bakery
Sivutha Street corner Pub Street
Siem Reap,

Note: 1 USD = Php 45


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