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My Top 20 Picks at Rockwell's 3rd Ultimate Taste Test! (Part 2)

Here's the continuation of Part 1, which was devoted to appetizers and main dishes. Here are the desserts and other sweet treats that impressed my taste buds at the UTT. 

11. 65% Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Drink by Malagos 

I'm still smacking my head for not having to try this when I visited Davao last year. I'm so happy they're finally here! 

12. Artisan Ice Cream by Jack Frost

Jack Frost is a local brand that sells unique flavors like Basil, Almond Spice, Nuts and Roses and many more. I had their Culture Comfort, which reminds me of Sebastian's Yakult Ice Cream.

13. Black and White Cupcake by Everyday Mom

This cupcake is a combination of my two favorite dessert flavors - chocolate and cheesecake. I'm so in love with this simple yet moist dessert. 

14. Garth Vader by The Noodle Bakes

Garth Vader is a peanut butter sponge with peanut butter cream, "Butterfinger" and chocolate ganache. The "Butterfinger" adds texture and flavor to this cute cupcake. 

15. Chilled Soya Pudding by Everything with Soya

A healthy treat with four different flavors: plain, melon, chocolate, and strawberry. A healthy break from eating heavy desserts.

16. Jameson's Gelato

Jameson's is a homegrown gelato brand which has opened its outlet at Robinson's Otis. I spent a few minutes chatting with Jameson, the friendly owner while trying the Pistachio and Salted Caramel flavors. 

17. Cream of the Crop Ice Cream

I love the unique combination of local flavors like Spicy Tablea, Malunggay & Langka, Salabat with Calamansi, and Sulu Coffee with Salted Muscovado Swirl. :)

18. Cinq Dessert Boutique

One of the prettiest food stalls was Cinq Dessert Boutique, which featured two lovely desserts: Aurore, chocolate tart with macadamia and caramel, and Ligaya, their Dayap Tart. Both desserts are heavenly.

19. Coconut Macaroons by The House of Macaroons

A simple dessert turned special by adding extra moisture and cheese filling inside. I'd love to finish a whole box of this. 

20. Ensaimada with Special Cheese Topping by Blue Toque

It is my utmost belief that the cheesier, the better. I believe Blue Toque and I share the same sentiments. It was fluffy and really cheesy!

Rockwell's 3rd Ultimate Taste Test was truly a wonderful event. I can't wait for the next UTT. Thanks to Spanky Enriquez and Congratulations Anton Diaz for having a successful event!


Malagos Chocolate

Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream
Contact Number: 09189354716

Everyday Mom
Scout Tuason corner Roces Avenue, Quezon City
Contact Numbers: 7101254 / 09209046872

The Noodle Bakes
Contact Number: Sam - 09209207266

Everything with Soya
Contact Numbers: 09277735463 / 09081829260

Jameson's Gelato

Cream of the Crop
Contact Person: Francesca Garcia
Contact Number: 09175535872
Twitter: @cleanicecream

Cinq Dessert Boutique
244 Amanpola Street, Palm Village, Makati City
Contact Person: Angela Tolentino

The House of Macaroons
Contact Number: 09175262854

Blue Toque
Contact Number: 09178285778


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