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Mang Jimmy's in Balara [Now The Tuyman's]

Update: Mang Jimmy's is now rebranded to The Tuyman's

As a self-confessed sisig fanatic, I have always been enthused on finding old and new places serving delicious sisig. Mang Jimmy's never fail to have a spot in most of the "best sisig" lists around, like Top 10 Sisig

Fate smiles upon me as work brought me to the Balara area, so we happily searched for that famous canteen. 

Mang Jimmy's is a small open-air canteen with no polished floor, and just monobloc chairs and wooden tables. One would think you went to the wrong place until one of the servers welcomes you and asks for your order. 

We had their two bestselling dishes: Tapa Mix (Php 120) and Pork Sisig (Php 120), along with several cups of rice. 
Tapa Mix

The Tapa Mix is on the sweet side, a bit like tocino actually. The meat is tender that I was tempted to eat it without the rice. It would be great with garlic rice and egg on the side. :)

Pork Sisig
Mang Jimmy's popular Pork Sisig is said to be prepared for four hours daily. Their Sisig is more on the "wet" side, and like the usuals, topped with a fresh egg. The Pork Sisig is a little fatty compared to the other popular sisig dishes. This sisig was good enough that we ordered another serving. 

I kinda missed the crunchy texture, which is not present in Mang Jimmy's Sisig. But there's something in it that'll make you want to eat more rice. 

I honestly liked the Tapa Mix more than the popular sisig, but I'd definitely give Mang Jimmy's another visit for both. 


Mang Jimmy's
3 Carriedo Street
MWSS Compound
Quezon City


  1. The Tapa Mix makes my mouth water! :P Despite its simplicity, I think what makes people come back for more is Mang Jimmy's determination to serve luscious food at rock-bottom prices.

  2. I tried Mang jimmy's na... yeah sarap balik-balikan!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Oh my I haven't tried any turo turo for the longest time ! My daughter likes sisig must try this if it pass her taste

  5. Ganito ang mga gusto ko ung dinadayo kasi mura at masarap pa..

  6. The tapa does looki more like tocino! Hmmm kagutom!

  7. I hope they'll have a crunchy version as well.


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