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Lucia Ristorante at Hotel Celeste

Note: This restaurant is already closed.

It was only a few months ago when Chef Davide Lombardi blew me away with his authentic Italian dishes at Lombardi's. He takes Italian food to the next level with Lucia Ristorante at Hotel Celeste. Hotel Celeste is four-storey boutique hotel strategically located in the heart of Makati. Cely and Tricia Sarabia, the hotel owners, invited Chef Davide to run a posh restaurant for an equally-elegant hotel. 

Named after Chef Davide's mother, Lucia Ristorante exudes elegance in the interiors and the food. The place looks cozy and is perfect for romantic dinners, family gatherings, or even executive meetings. 

complimentary bread

For antipasti (appetizers), we had Carpaccio Di Manzo Sedana E Grana (Php 480) and Antipasto All'Italina (Php 780).

Carpaccio Di Manzo Sedana E Grana
Antipasto All'Italina

Carpaccio di Manzo or Beef Carpaccio with lemon, olive oil, and fresh parmesan, a simple dish to tease the tastebuds. Antipasto All'Italina is a variety of Italian Hams with Italian Vegetables, which goes best with wine. 

We were also served Mozzarella Di Buffala Ai 3 Pomodori (Php 660).

Mozzarella Di Buffala Ai 3 Pomodori

Mozzarella Di Bufala is served with three kinds of tomatoes: sundried, globe, and cherry. 

For pizza, we had the Pizza Ai Salumi (Php 490), which is topped with prosciutto, mortadella, salame Milano, and salsiccia. Truly a meat lover's delight. 

Pizza Ai Salumi

One dish that impressed me that evening was the Taglierini Tartufati (Php 440), homemade pasta with mushrooms and black truffles.

Taglierini Tartufati

The strong aroma from the black truffles fills my senses, and the taste was intensely heavenly.

Another pasta dish we had was the Spaghetti Lucia (Php 590).

Spaghetti Lucia

Spaghetti Lucia is immensely topped with clams, mussels, squid, and giant prawns. An awesome treat for seafood lovers. 

For main entrees, we were served the Dentice Alla Pugliese (Php 460) and Bistecca Di Manzo Arrosto (Php 990).

Dentice Alla Pugliese

Bistecca Di Manzo Arrosto 

Dentice Alla Pugliese is roasted red snapped with pancetta and broccoli. The pancetta was a wonderful surprise to this dish, however, it could be better if it were less oily. Bistecca Di Manzo Arrosto is roasted beef fillet with truffle sauce, a beautifully presented dish that is good enough for two persons. 

For nightcap, we were served these lovely desserts: Tiramisu (Php 210), Pannacotta del Piemonte (Php 160) and Crostatina Di Frutta Fresca (Php 260).

Pannacotta del Piemonte
Crostatina Di Frutta Fresca

I loved Chef Davide's Tiramisu, but my ultimate favorite is the Pannacotta del Piemonte, which has a flawlessly creamy texture. Best partnered with a Latte, made by Hotel Celeste's master barista, Gelo. :)

It was a lovely evening with lots of great Italian dishes, excellent service, and beautiful ambiance. Lucia Ristorante is one place you should visit for an authentic and delicious Italian meal. 

Thanks to Chef Davide Lombardi and Cravings Group for having us and to Spanky Enriquez for organizing this event. 


Lucia Ristorante
Hotel Celeste
Ground Floor
2 San Lorenzo Drive corner A. Arnaiz Avenue, 
San Lorenzo Village,
Makati City
Contact Number: 8878080


  1. Wow! Looks great!

    I've been hoping to stay at Hotel Celeste. I love the way it looks kasi from the outside plus I've heard the rooms are really classy. Kaya lang na price is really too much considering they're there are other hotels with better access to the major malls in Makati. And they're competing with their same rate pa. =(

  2. Wow, this is pretty hidden! I really like the restaurant's decor and the pasta + desserts seem to die for... :D

    1. I loved everything we had that night. I'll surely visit this place again! ;)


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