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Lovin' Zomato

I have been an active member of Zomato since I signed up more than two months ago, and I'm loving it more and more. 

I use both the site and the app to post my reviews about the restaurants I have visited. 

3 Things I Love About Zomato:

1. It's all about the QUALITY and not the QUANTITY.

As of this writing, I have written 34 reviews and I love how convenient to post a review. I can post a review via the website or even on my smartphone. Zomato makes sure that the foodies post quality reviews but giving a reward through Write For a Bite. I won once (and I hope to win again. hehe)

2. Zomato is a mobile helper!

Zomato app is so helpful for spur-of-the-moment dine outs. It even has an EXPLORE tab where it suggests restaurants in your current location. 

3. Get all the information you need from Zomato

Menu? Cuisine? Cost per person? Rating? Best Dishes? Get them from Zomato. Let restaurants know that they are excellent or they need improvement. It's just anything that a foodie needs. :)

3 Things I Want From Zomato:

1. Restaurant Search by Budget

There are times when my friends and I are working on a budget at it would help a lot if Zomato can help us search for places that go within our price range. :P

2. Photo Uploads via Zomato App

So far, I just upload the photos for my reviews via desktop. I hope I can upload straight from my mobile soon. 

3. Restaurant Promos 

Who doesn't like promos? I'd want to know which foodie spots can save me a few bucks yet enjoy good food. 


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  1. LoL was wondering what Zomato was.. i thought it was a online shopping place but it's Zalora that I had in mind. :D So this is like openrice? :D

  2. Ako din. I thought it was an online shopping site. Hehehe!

    Do they allow you to use the same post you have in your blog? Word for word? Or do you have to make a new one pa for the other site?

    1. As per SEO, I think that's not allowed. I usually write a new one for Zomato. :)

  3. Zomato is really useful and I've been using the mobile app to find places to eat in recently. :-) I do believe they have a budget feature though, and if I'm not wrong, it's the cost for two people. You can find it in the filter options.

    I've also been copy-pasting my blog posts for the reviews. I saw other bloggers doing it so I thought it was okay. Ack, hope I don't get into trouble.

    1. Not sure if copy-pasting is okay in SEO, but I write unique entries on Zomato instead. :)


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