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A-Gan Tea at Ayala Triangle Gardens

Note: This establishment is already closed. 

I was invited by A-Gan Tea to attend the ATG branch's 1st-anniversary celebration.

This branch is a bit hidden from outside. They share space with BreadTalk, which is easier to spot if you're just walking along the area. Aside from the tables outside, A-Gan Tea also has tables inside, where you can watch the open bakery do their work.

As I've mentioned before, I'm not into milk tea but I like fruit tea drinks. This time I tried milk tea too. :) 

For milk tea, I tried Caramel Milk Tea (Php 105, large) and Strawberry Milk Tea (Php 95, large).

Surprisingly, I liked the Caramel Milk Tea. My milk tea-loving friend who was with me liked it as well. :)

For fruit teas, I had Mango Green Tea (Php 80, medium) and took a sip on my friend's Cranberry Fruit Tea (Php 90, large).

Mango Green Tea

I enjoyed my Mango Green Tea over the Cranberry Fruit Tea. :)

I also tried their Milk-Lid Cocoa (Php 90, medium) and Yogurt Mango (Php 75, medium).

Milk-Lid Cocoa
Yogurt Mango

I liked the strong taste of cocoa, but I should have tried their Milk-Lid Mango Green Tea instead. I love Yogurt drinks and their Yogurt Mango didn't disappoint. 

Aside from tea-based drinks, they also serve coffee drinks as well as fruit smoothies. I find A-Gan Tea drinks very refreshing and quite affordable. I hope to see more of this brand in other Metro Manila areas in the future. Happy 1st Anniversary, A-Gan Tea ATG! :)


A-Gan Tea
Retail No. 7
Ayala Triangle Gardens,
Makati City
Contact Number: 6216133
Twitter: @AGanTeaPH

Other locations are Greenbelt 2, Eastwood Mall and Robinson's Place Manila


  1. I'll always be a fan of caramel milk tea wherever I may go. as well as with black forest and mocha :)

    1. I haven't tried Black Forest and Mocha. Will give it a try soon! :)

  2. Fan din ako ng mga yogurt drinks! :)

  3. I miss you and your blog Michy! That was a lot of drinks! :)

  4. Is this their first branch? I learned about it from a friend's check-in in Foursquare and now from your blog. I will try it one of these days ... when I'm in Makati.

  5. I tried their chocolate milk tea and liked it. Maybe I should give fruit teas a try next time. Good thing they opened that branch in Ayala Triangle, it's a lot closer from work.

  6. I've only tried A-Gan Tea twice, from their Eastwood branch. So far, I've only had one of their fruit teas which I already forgot (sobrang tagal na eh), and their hot Okinawa Brown-Sugar Ginger Tea (this is an unforgettable drink). Anyway, hope to try their other drinks especially their milk teas some other time.


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