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My Top Ten Picks at Foodgasm III!

Last August 31, I was invited to be a part of UP Ecosoc's Foodgasm III at the Mercato Centrale as one of their food blogger-judges. Featured during the event are 29 food entries from various local food entrepreneurs. Some of them I have already tasted before in other food bazaars, while some were fairly new in the food industry. 

I was asked to rate each food entry from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest). There is a lot of food entries that I really liked, but here are my Top Ten picks during that evening. :) 

1. Deep-Fried Burrito by Little Donkey

I eat a lot of burritos, but it was my first time to encounter a deep-fried version. I liked it, but I wish it had more cheese on it. :)

Visit them at their stall at Mezza Norte. 

2. Bagnet Paella by Flavor Avenue

I saw Flavor Avenue at "The Next Big Food Entrepreneur", but I wasn't able to taste the Bagnet Paella. Their localized paella was topped with salted egg, tomatoes, longganisa, and bagnet. Truly satisfying and delicious!

3. Cookie Flavored Spread by Monster Butter

Is the imported cookie butter too pricey for you? Here comes Monster Butter! Their cookie flavor spread is only Php 200 a jar. Also available is Cookies and Milk, which I think my baby sister will really love. :)

4. Green Cayenne Reboot by The Juice Barista

A healthier alternative to juices and smoothies is The Juice Barista. The Green Cayenne Reboot is a mix of lettuce, cucumber, spinach, lemon, kangkong, apple, and cayenne pepper. I was initially apprehensive that the drink might be spicy but wasn't. The cayenne pepper adds a nice kick to the drink. 

5. Triple Dark Chocolate Tablea Fudge Bars by ChocoATBP

A chocoholic's dream is the Triple Dark Chocolate Tablea Fudge Bars. I was so tempted to bury my face in those fudge bars, but I guess other attendees should be given a chance to try this. hehehe.

ChocoATBP also has chocolate paste for hot chocolate, tablea sugar cookies, and pound cakes. 

6. Black Mamba by B. Wings

After trying their Caramelized Wings at Levante Eastwood a few months ago, I meet B. Wings once again with their bestseller, the Black Mamba. With milk or beer served, I knew I was bound to explode with its spiciness. Damn, it was definitely HOT!

7. Sampalok Sorbet by Pepito's Pinoy Sorbet

One of the stalls that easily got my attention was Pepito's Pinoy Sorbet. The Sampalok Sorbet has the right amount of acidity, and a very good palate cleanser after a heavy meal. I'm personally curious about their other flavors, especially the Avocadoberry. 

8. Belgian Choco Bites by Twisted Desserts

Another chocolatey delight that blew my mind is the Belgian Choco Bites by Twisted Desserts. I know the photo didn't do it justice (bad lighting, in their area, sorry), but it was exceeded whatever expectations I had.

9. Wagamama by Schmidt's Gourmet Hotdogs

A food market resident, Schmidt's Gourmet Hotdogs, served the Wagamama, which has Japanese curry and topped with cabbage and Japanese mayo. A must-try!

10. Mr. Grey by Twisted Desserts

But of course, a cheesecake! Mr. Grey is their tea-infused cheesecake, which tasted great. I'd love to get try their other dig deep cups flavors, along with the Belgian Choco Bites. :P

The overall champion for this event is the Black Mamba by B. Wings. Sampalok Sorbet by Pepito's Pinoy Sorbet won the Expert's Choice Award, Wagamama by Schmidt's Gourmet Hotdogs won the People's Choice Award and Basil Seeds with Honey by Coco Royal won the Most Innovative Award.

Foodgasm III was indeed a tummy-bursting event. Thanks to UP Ecosoc for having me. :)


Little Donkey Burrito Fiesta
Owner: Lyle Anthony De Guzman
Contact Number: 09163437752

Flavor Avenue
Owner: Katrina Inocencio
Contact Number: 09175346080

Monster Butter
Twitter: @Monster_Butter
Contact Number: 09156483957

The Juice Barista
Contact Numbers: 09177958995 (Maika) / 09178008825 (Jarah)

Contact Persons: Yet Andin / Diane Andin
Contact Numbers: 09088949598 / 09189030664 / (02) 6471082

B. Wings
Twitter: @bwingsresto 

Pepito's Pinoy Sorbet
241 Connecticut Street, Greenhills East, Mandaluyong City
Contact Person: Pia Domingo
Contact Numbers: 09209072901, 09209072902

Twisted Desserts

Schmidt's Gourmet Hotdogs
Contact Number: 09178939287


  1. Mouthwatering list.Lucky you to be picked as a judge of this wonderful event. kainggit naman talaga. yum yum yum!

  2. I could somehow imagine how some of the food tastes but not with the green cayenne reboot. I almost went crazy imagining the ingredients and how they will all tastes together hehe :) I imagined you literally burying your face in the triple dark choco tablea hehe :)

    1. The Green Cayenne Reboot somehow encouraged me to try juicing.hehehe.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Wanna try the mr. grey! Although I'm not a fan of the book if you know what I mean

    2. I haven't read the book, ever. haha. But I think you'll like Mr. Grey too! :)

  4. You had me at Triple Dark Chocolate Tablea Fudge Bars. Yum! =)

  5. bagnet and paella in one dish? oh my my my! *salivates*

  6. I gotta have that cookie flavored spread!

  7. Great job, Michy! You certainly deserve to be one of the judges :)

  8. all of those looks delish! if i'm the judge surely head ache will attack.. good thing i'm not hehehe


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