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My Top 20 Picks at Rockwell's 3rd Ultimate Taste Test! (Part 1)

It was a truly tummy-filling day last September 14, 2013, at the Ultimate Taste Test, which took place at the Rockwell Tent, where a thousand foodies gathered to taste and critique food offerings from over 50 food vendors. Having attended a couple of similar food events these past months, I was ecstatic because it was my first time to attend UTT. 

I was truly impressed with most of the food offered, but here are the 20 food stalls that impressed me during my 5-hour binge. Yes, I was a saint and tried everything. 

1. Hamwich by The Plaza Premium Baked Ham

An old favorite, I always The Plaza at SM Megamall. They now have an awesome selection of sauces like Premium Glaze, Wasabe Mayo, Sweet Mustard, and Gutsy Garlic. I'm planning to get one for my family this Christmas. 

2. Peanut Butter Oreo Dip by Cakeworks

Peanut Butter + Oreo? Deliriously yummy dip in a jar! Goes well with crackers, bread, and even fruit slices. :)

3. Wagamama by Schmidt's Gourmet Hotdogs

Schmidt's had done it again. I was first impressed by the Wagamama at Foodgasm 3 and it hasn't failed in impressing me again and again!

4. Pata Bihon by Shifu Master's Kitchen

The Pata Bihon is sweet and saucy with lots of pork slices, just the way I like my pancit to be. 

5. Diplahan Lechon

Diplahan Lechon is from Zamboanga, best partnered with vinegar as sawsawan. 

6. Garlic Lechon by General's Lechon

Negros' version has this tempting aroma that you can smell from a distance. 

7. Duck Burgers and Salted Eggs from GoldenducK's

Freshly-cooked 100% duck meat patties and salted eggs prepared by cute guys? Who would say no to that? :)

8. Sultry Roast Beef with Saucy Gravy by The Sultry Chef

Roast beef is one of the greatest weaknesses and I do love former Pinoy Masterchef Ivory Yat's version. Tender and flavorful, yeah, sultry. :)

9. Crispy Pork Sisig by Dennis The Grillboy

Sisig is one of the most wonderful dishes the Kapampangans ever invented. 

10. King Kong Apple Pie by The Juice Barista

I loved their Green Cayenne Reboot at Foodgasm 3, but I loved them more with the King Kong Apple Pie, which is sweeter and friendlier to my tastebuds. 

To be continued...


The Plaza Premium Baked Ham
Contact Number: 7290003

Contact Person: Bam Gelano
Contact Numbers: 09177928820 / 8227258

Schmidt's Gourmet Hotdogs
Contact Number: 09178939287

Shifu Master's Kitchen
58 Granada Street, Villa Ortigas II
Quezon City
Contact Person: Howard Fuchi Lu
Contact Numbers: 7261135 / 7074577 / 09176236898

Diplahan Lechon
Contact Numbers: Carol - 09178268010 / Wee - 09178268017
Twitter: @diplahanlechon

General's Lechon
3 Guillermo Street, ParaƱaque City
Contact Numbers: 4086850 / 9665099 / 09178LECHON

100 Ducks Inc, GK Enchanted Farm,
Pundicion Street, Bgy. Encanto,
Angat, Bulacan
Contact Person: Alexandre Bal
Contact Number: 09278231985

The Sultry Chef

Dennis The Grill Boy

The Juice Barista
Contact Numbers: 09177958995 (Maika) / 09178008825 (Jarah)


  1. why don't i ever get to go to these events? or hear about them? hehe :)


    1. Will try to keep this blog updated for events like this. :)


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