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Moonleaf Tea Shop, Ortigas Home Depot

Note: This location is already closed. 

A few months ago, I was sent gift certificates by Moonleaf Pasig, which is near my workplace. I brought along my workmates for some drinks and snacks. 

Moonleaf Pasig is hidden in Ortigas Home Depot, which is ideal if you're looking for someplace to unwind after a day's work or a place to chill after dinner.

They have two tables available near the counter, but they also have al fresco spaces outside the shop and upstairs.

The choices for drinks aren't as grandiose as other popular milk tea shops, but Moonleaf drinks are the most affordable among them. Also, they only have one size for everything. 

Our group had different choices for drinks. Some of us had Basic drinks: Black Tea (Php 55) and Jasmine Green Tea (Php 55), Milk Tea: Peppermint Milk Tea (Php 85). While some of us had Fruit Teas: Lychee Yakult (Php 80) and my choice of drink, Peach Yakult (Php 80).

Moonleaf also has a good variety of snacks to go with the drinks. On display are macaroons (priced at around Php 35 each), whoopie pies by My Cookie Lab, Meat Lasagna by Sweet Infini (Php 150), Spam Garlic-Mayo Sandwich (Php 50) and other pastries. 

I settled for the Spam Garlic-Mayo Sandwich, which the staff reheated for me. My colleagues got some munchies as well. 

I was satisfied with our visit to Moonleaf though I wish they'll add more drinks on their menu. This particular location highly recommends their delivery service for people working in the area, so if you and your workmates are craving milk tea, you can call them up. 


Moonleaf Tea Shop
Unit 129 Ortigas Home Depot
Julia Vargas Avenue,
Pasig City
Contact Number: 9043100
Store Hours: 11:00AM to 5:00AM
Facebook Page: Moonleaf Pasig
Facebook Page: Moonleaf Tea Shop


  1. Here in SG, there are places that sell a lot of Yakult-added drinks din. Everything naman I've tried so far, masarap naman. =)

    1. Here also. :) My usual choice since I don't like the milk tea. :p

  2. Tried this in St. Thomas Square before. Perfect ambiance para sa mga estudyante. ;)


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