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Guest Post: 7 Must Have Travel Apps for Smartphone Users

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After I finished high school, I went to Australia to continue my studies. I studied and worked part-time to fund my cool hobby, which is traveling. Because I didn’t earn much, I had to find my way around to keep my expenses affordable but still enjoyable! My smartphone was one of the keys to my successful travels. While most people use it for phone calls and chatting, I use my BlackBerry as my local tour guide. You won’t believe how useful it is!

I'm always able to find my way around - from recommendations on points of interest to places to eat wherever I go. Here are my favorite travel apps for most of my travels! Good news is, aside from Blackberry, most of the apps can be downloaded into most smartphones.

1. SkyScanner
available on Blackberry, Android and iOS

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This app helps me find the best deals on flights, hotels and car rentals. It also gives me the option to check flights from my home airport to anywhere in the world depending on which location offers the least expensive tickets. I can even see the information in a helpful graph that will show me the prices for different dates. It’s the perfect app if you like last-minute getaways.

2. M8 
available on Blackberry, Android and iOS

Once the flight has been booked and reservations have been made, how are we going to get around? If you’re a person who often gets lost (like me!) then M8 is the perfect app for you. It’s a satellite navigation app that not only gives onscreen and verbal instructions. It also offers plenty of local information, like which restaurants have discounts to offer and where the best points of interest are. M8 even provides recommendations based on information from both Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet: two excellent sources of travel insights! 

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3. Blackberry Travel 
available on Blackberry only

When booking a trip, do you often find yourself lugging around a folder of print-outs for your e-tickets, hotel reservation and car rental? I don’t have that problem since I am a BlackBerry 10 user. With Blackberry Travel, I download all of these confirmation emails to my phone and store them in one place. Then, all I have to do is whip out my phone and have my entire itinerary at my fingertips. I can also get updates on my flights. And best of all, it’s totally free. I love free stuff!

4. Urbanspoon 
available on Blackberry, Android and iOS

This app is definitely a fabulous choice if you enjoy the gastronomic side of travel (my favorite app because I love eating!). All you have to do is enter the type of food you would like to eat, and this app presents you with a variety of options based on your current location. It will also give you rating from newspapers, food critics and recent patrons. For me, it is like my personal local tour guide and again, it is free!

5. OpenTable 
available on Blackberry, Android and iOS

If you’re searching for popular eateries in your destination of choice, it can sometimes be difficult to find a spot without a reservation. OpenTable helps you find a table without your having to endure the 45-minute wait. I rarely use it because I like to play by ear but I have it just in case!

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6. Gogobot
available on Blackberry, Android and iOS

Gogobot helps me figure out my itinerary once I arrive at the destination. The app presents different suggestions on things to do and points of interest. You can choose between different lists like “family friendly,” “outdoors” or “museums.” It also gives recommendations on places to eat and popular sightseeing choices. Another useful one in case some other apps don’t recommend places that I haven't heard of!

7. Viator
available on Blackberry, Android and iOS

This is a great choice if you want to save a bit of money on sightseeing. Viator offers the latest discounts on sites and activities in your destination. It also has a wide variety of offbeat attractions that may not be listed in the average guidebook. Apparently, it has a 5 star rating and great reviews at the moment!

Hmm, what are some other great travel apps? Sound off in the comments below.

About the Writer:
Lenny Marlina (Nina Lia) is an Indonesian journalism student who loves to read, cook and travel. She regularly posts on her tech blog, Mighty Tech News


  1. Those are very helpful apps, detailed maps are really great too :) App number 7's name had me take a double look, I though it read something different hehe!

    1. I had to check twice to figure out what you were thinking. hahaha!


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