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The Next Big Food Entrepreneur 2013

I was invited last August 2 to attend the food tasting event for The Next Big Food Entrepreneur held at Mercato Centrale. Sponsored by Solane and Entrepreneur Magazine, this event is already on its 2nd year on discovering food innovations - both old and new. 

Over 60 participants joined and competed for 20 slots. I was fortunate enough to have met some of the finalists and was able to taste their unique food products too. :)

The 20 finalists will move on to the next part of the challenge, which is the food selling phase. 
Corny Bibingka

One of the 20 finalists is Nathaniel Uy's Corny Bibingka. I tried the cornbread bibingka with balsamic syrup and strawberries. I'm looking forward to more gourmet dips to partner with the cornbread bibingka. 

I was also able to try the Dessert Shooters by Chef in Heels and Chocolate Fudge with Walnuts by Oh! Fudge. 

Dessert Shooter by Chef in Heels
Chocolate Fudge from Oh! Fudge

The "Chef in Heels" named Lady offered lots of dessert shooters that evening. I was a bit behaved and only got one. I should try all the other flavors soon! Randie Tan of Oh! Fudge promised that his fudge isn't too sweet, and he stayed true to his word. His products come in gorgeous-looking tin cans, which is great for giveaways too. 

Other finalists are 
Flavor Avenue (Bagnet Paella y Longganisa)
Bad Decisions Premium Burgers & Drinks Joint
Schmidt's Gourmet Hotdogs (as seen at Levante Eastwood)
Pastry-rific (Eye Candy Cupcakes)
Kombi Kombos (Deli burger sandwiches)
Grill A Pizza
Manila Ball-vard (Filipino street food with a twist)
Mom's Breaktime
Big Jack's (Rice Stuffed in a Sausage)
Great Partners Enterprise (Pinoy Turkey Malunggay Burger)
Marky's Chicken
Tramezzino (Panini-style sandwiches)
Pub Burrito
Mini Me (Chix Fillet sandwiches)
Mom's Chia Palitao
Gida Bites (Doner Kebab). 

Pancake Cookies by Munchster Yum / Yam Fries by Pou-Tatoe Fries

Onigiri by Adorkarice

Other food stalls worth mentioning are Pancake Cookies by Munchster Yum, Yam, Fries with Barbecue Sauce and Cheese by Pou-Tatoe Fries, Chili Con Carne Muffin by Canley's Cuisine, Onigiri by Adorkarice and Cheeseburger Dumplings by Krazy Dumplings

Visit the food stalls of the 20 finalists at Mercato Centrale from August 17 to October 13, 2013. :)

Other photos are from Summit Media


Corny Bibingka
Nathaniel Uy

Oh! Fudge
Randie Ryan Tan

Chef in Heels
Instagram: @chef_in_heels

Canley's Cuisine


  1. I wonder if I could pay it a visit. But my oh my the food is tempting! I want to try onigiri just because it looks cute hehehe...

    1. The one with the onigiri didn't make it to the top 20. :( However you can try the Top 20 stalls at Mercato Centrale. :)

  2. Must be a really enjoyable event! Daming food! I laughed at the name - corny bibiningka, corny ba sya mga joke? :)

    1. Super! :) Hopefully di naman sya corny magjoke. haha!

  3. those onigiri were cute.. hehe..

  4. wow!! you had me at Flavor Avenue (Bagnet Paella y Longganisa) will look for that in Mercato

  5. I tried the cornbread bibingka with balsamic syrup and strawberries. I'm looking forward to more gourmet dips to partner with the cornbread bibingka.


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