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Miso-Ten at Robinson's Magnolia

Note: This restaurant is already closed. 

It was a chilly and rainy evening when my fellow foodie KC and I visited Robinson's Magnolia for an errand and food trip. It was my first time to visit this new mall and I was excited to discover new places there. 

Nothing fits more perfectly than having ramen on a rainy night, so we decided on trying Miso-Ten. 

Miso-Ten is from the same people behind Kogi Bulgogi, Tokyo Cafe and Stackers Burger Cafe. It specializes in both ramen and tempura, hence the name. :)

KC had the Miso-Ten Original (Php 275) while I chose to try the Sesame Miso (Php 275).

Miso-Ten Original
Sesame Miso

Miso-Ten Original is topped with pork chasyu, green onions, sesame seeds, garlic pasta and ajitamago. Sesame Miso has the same toppings, but with nutty sauce. We were kinda overwhelmed with our bowls that we wished we shared a single bown instead. Other ramen bowls are also of same price. 

We also ordered Gyoza (Php 140) and Excellent Tendon (Php 265).

Excellent Tendon

Excellent Tendon has 3 pieces Ebi with eggplant, string beans and pumpkin on top of rice. I think the price is worth it, and I really loved anything deep-fried. hehe.

Miso-Ten also offers Ramen Special Sets and Tendon Set Meals. I have also read that you can create your own ramen, but it wasn't offered to us during our visit. However, the staff was really accommodating (and was very patient with the makulit customer beside our table). 

Once again, Miso-Ten is at Robinson's Magnolia. I'm planning to go back there soon for some early Christmas shopping, though I'm also checking out Zalora's Christmas Gift Guide too on what to get my friends. I'd definitely drop by Miso-Ten again for a ramen or tempura fix, or maybe both. :)


2nd Floor, Veranda
Robinson's Magnolia
New Manila,
Quezon City
Twitter: @MisoTenPH

Other branch is at Robinson's Manila


  1. I'm a Ramen-kinda girl. I hope with more Ramen places in the South.

  2. Hahaha. the rice is barely visible at excellent tendon. I wonder why it's called such. Have you tried wrong ramen? I read a lot of raves in the internet about that restaurant.

  3. will try next time :) thanks for the info

  4. Ramen is really yummeh right?
    Will try to drop by in this restau, only got to try Rairaiken eh:)

  5. who is this KC you talk about? i heard she's cute. haha. masarap yung tempura dun sa excellent tendon. yun ramen andami. haha. but i am still more into santouka. try mo un michy! :)

    1. Sino nga ba? hahaha! Samahan mo ko sa Santouka! :)

  6. Try Magnolia House when you're in the area again. They have really great meals! =)

  7. the excellent tendon looks yummy!

    it was nice meeting you last saturday michy! :)

  8. Robinsons Magnolia is really nice no? Good thing it's like 2 rides away :)

    I'm such a loser, haven't tried ramen yet! :(

    1. Yeah, sana may 1 ride na nga lang eh.hehe. :)

      Let's go try ramen!


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