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Taza de Oro by

Note: This restaurant is already closed. 

Tried the services of Twoanyone by Quick Delivery for lunch. This time, I ordered from Taza de Oro Food Garden. I've been reading positive reviews about this resto that I was excited to try their food. 

I ordered via Quick Delivery's phone number (2121212), and my call was handled by Mariz, who was really pleasant and snappy that our phone conversation was completed within 3 minutes. I received an email confirmation of my order a few minutes later. Our food arrived less than an hour later.

Our food was carefully wrapped in foil that when I opened each pack, I was surprised that each dish is really piping hot. I love it!

We had Beef Hofan (Php 157.50 for small) and Golden Butter Chicken (Php 294 for medium)

Beef Hofan
Golden Butter Chicken

The Beef Hofan is delicious! The sweetness is just adequate and the beef is also tender. I also love the Golden Butter Chicken, Taza de Oro's crunchy, and buttery take on fried chicken. I loved this dish too. 

For something healthy, we had Steamed Fish Fillet with Garlic and Tausi (Php 336 for medium).

Steamed Fish Fillet with Garlic and Tausi 

I always have a thing for a fish fillet (because of the word "fillet", I'm lazy, you know). The garlic and tausi sauce gives the dish more character to the usually bland fish. 

We also had XO Fried Rice (Php 115.50 for a cup).

XO Fried Rice

I really thought a cup would be enough for one, but it was actually good for more than two. It has subtle hints of salted fish and carrots. 

Overall, the food from Taza de Oro was really good! The servings are generous and affordable. I'd definitely try their other dishes soon. The service from Twoanyone was superb, it was as easy as dining in a resto. I'll certainly call Twoanyone whenever I'm craving for my favorite food. 


Taza de Oro Food Garden
Ground Floor
Madison Square
Madison Street corner Ortigas Avenue
San Juan City

To order online, visit
or dial 2121212


  1. wow sa madison square lang pala sa San Juan to ah.. hehe.. yari saken to sa sunday(cheatday ko)

    alam mo dahil dito sa blog mo yung mga malalapit na resto saken pinupuntahan ko dahil sa mga feedback mo nyaha ^_^

    1. Wow! That's awesome! Thanks a lot for visiting my blog regularly. :)

  2. The first time I tried TwoAnyOne, I ordered for a couple of Gong Cha's and been doing it since then. It was so frequent that they even mailed me a catalog of all of restos they offer for delivery. Now whenever I call them, I just give my mobile number. :D

    BUT, I really haven't tried calling them up for food delivery. Might as well!

    ~Jakey Junkie

    1. Good for you, Jake! Hope you'll try the food delivery soon! :)

  3. the beef hofan had me drooling on my keyboard! yum!

  4. A perfect meal combination. It feels me hungry, I wanna eat those foods.yum yum yum!.Please visit this site maybe it can help you..thanks :)

  5. Missed bumping here! Just heard this now. Hehe Looks delicious though and i'd love to try it sometime! :)

    1. Welcome back Patricia! :) Hope you'll try it soon!

  6. I didn't know have delivery! My father in law likes Taza De Oro but I myself have not tried dining there. Maybe I can order next time our cook takes the day off. :)

  7. I would love to try their Beef Hofan! And I'm curious about this twoanyone by quick delivery. I'll give this a try soon =)

  8. Steamed Fish Fillet with Garlic and Tausi and XO Fried Rice FTW!

  9. Got to try Taza De Oro before and they serve good Chinese fare! :) Anyway, would love to order their food for delivery if only my place were nearer XD

  10. Good Choice Of Resto,,,super sarap ng food dyan!!

  11. I'm curious with the Beef Hofan! Especially that it is delivered piping hot! YUM!


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