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One Moroccan Evening at Kasbah

Note: This branch is already closed.

What better way to celebrate a cold weekend than have a quiet evening with my foodie friends. We decided to try a cuisine I haven't tried before: Moroccan Cuisine, at one of the most popular restaurants in The Fort Strip: Kasbah.

A popular restaurant in Boracay, Kasbah opened its Manila location last year.

Kasbah looks quite interesting even from the outside. Too bad it was raining when I arrived so I wasn't able to get a good photo from the outside. The interiors even are more beautiful, it feels like Morocco brought here in Manila. Even the restrooms are impressive. 

As we wait for our dishes, we had some cocktails. My friends had the Frozen Black Moroccan Mojito (Php 330) and Marrakesh Sky (Php 218) while I had a Globapolitan (Php 286). Yes, it's one of the rare drinking moments. I'm friendly with vodka among all kinds of alcohol so I stick with that.


For appetizers, we had Moutabal (Php 140) and Hummus Harissa (Php 160). 

Both come with some pita bread, but we had to order some extra (Php 60).

We also had the Watermelon, Feta, and Olive Salad (Php 285 for solo, Php 385 to share).

Watermelon, Feta and Olive Salad

A bestseller, this salad is a refreshing treat for our palates. 

We also ordered Tangier Calamares (Php 375).

Tangier Calamares

Tangier Calamares is squid stuffed with a mixture of garlic and herbed rice, with tomato sauce. Flavorful and 
surprisingly filling, this dish has the right amount of acidity from the tomato sauce. 

For our main dishes, we tried the Brochettes or Moroccan Kebabs. We decided to have the platters: the Kasbah Meat Lover's Platter (Php 920) and the Kasbah Seafood Platter (Php 895).

Kasbah Meat Lover's Platter
Kasbah Seafood Platter

The Meat Lover's Platter has a skewer of beef, chicken and merguez sausage while the Seafood Platter has a skewer of fish, prawns and squid. The platters we had were served with Basmati rice and couscous. I particularly liked the merguez sausage and the prawns. The brochettes are flavorful and tender that I didn't miss the dips and sauces. The brochettes can also be ordered individually. 

The star of the night was the Berber Lamb Tagine (Php 745 for solo, Php 1115 to share).

 Berber Lamb Tagine

Berber Lamb Tagine is deeply spiced lamb with oranges & prunes in a rich, tangy thick sauce. This is definitely the tenderest lamb dish I had. The gamey taste was completely eliminated, maybe because of the citrus. A must-try dish in Kasbah! 

For desserts, we shared the Baklava (Php 275), Cardamom & Pistachio Panna Cotta (Php 250) and Crepe Maroc (Php 295).

Cardamom & Pistachio Panna Cotta
Crepe Maroc

The Baklava was a bit too sweet for my taste while the cardamom brought a distinct taste to the not-so creamy panna cotta. The Crepe Maroc, with dates, fresh cream, Kahlua, and Frangelico has this amazing sauce albeit the non-smooth texture. The desserts we had weren't really impressive. I guess we should have gone somewhere else for the desserts.

Overall, my Kasbah experience was amazing. I don't have any complaint about the service, most of the food was beyond my expectations, especially the Berber Lamb Tagine. It was a little expensive for a usual dinner, but I'd definitely give Kasbah another visit. 


The Fort Strip
7th Avenue corner Katipunan Circle,
Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City
Contact Number: 5534499
Facebook Page: Kasbah Restos

Other location is at Station One, Boracay


  1. Oi nice meeting you rin! Hope to see you uli, I think masaya kang kasabay kumain. I have never met a food blogger before, ikaw pa lang so I want to see you doing your thing...

  2. haven't tried morrocan cuisine, looks the same with greek dishes

    1. Guess it's because of the proximity of Morocco and Greece. :)

  3. Whaaaa! What happened to my comment? I could have sworn I saw it got published. Oh well, ulitin ko na lang.

    I have yet to try Moroccan, I wonder if it has similarities with Greek or Indian food. The Berber Lamb Tagine looks appetizing, I swear could imagine how it tastes like.

    Kasbah 's food is pricey huh. I have to tag someone along to eat there.

    1. The Berber Lamb Tagine is the best! :) Yes, dining with a group of friends is always better. Don't forget to order drinks. :p

  4. the prices are quite steep but it seemed that you had a perfect dining experience. not bad at all :)

  5. One of the best lamb dishes anyone can sink their teeth into this side of the metro :)

    I sure wish they would lower the price for this, though :D

    Great mojitos, too :D !

    - Ray

    1. You did seem to love the mojitos, Ray.hehe. :P

      Yeah, wish they'll lower the price for that epic Lamb Tagine. Loved it!

  6. Everything look so good! Layo lang kasi =)

    1. From your place, yeah a little. :) But hope you'll visit Kasbah soon. :)

  7. I super super love Kasbah the food and the interiors just so very middle eastern!

    1. IKR? I'd love to see the place during the day. :)

  8. whoah! you know what, i really havent tried dining at Moroccan. I hope something magnifecent will have here in QC too. is there? or am i still in my comfort zone in QC? hihi.

    1. I do hope they'll open up another branch in Manila, but a trip to The Fort will be nice too. :)

  9. The seafood platter looks good, the skewers seem perfectly grilled. I have actually never tasted Baklava that wasn't overly sweet lol.

    1. Hope we could find a not-so-sweet baklava. hahaha. :)

  10. so nice! i felt hungry watching your pictures! ^_^

  11. Oooooohhhh the food looks yummy! Need to visit Kasbah soon. Thanks for sharing. :)

  12. I'd love to try the Berber Lamb Tagine! Will try and visit Kasbah soon. I think I'll like Moroccan cuisine :)

  13. I love the decors of this place! :) Hope to visit this soon.


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