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Mirinae Tea House (formerly Milky Way Tea) by

Note: This establishment is already closed. 

I recently got the services of by Quickdelivery for lunch with my workmates. We want some cold drinks so we ordered from Mirinae Tea House (formerly Milky Way Tea).

Unlike my previous transactions, this delivery came a little late. The delivery guy was quite apologetic and explained why he came late: the resto didn't fix our orders right away. 

Delivery delay aside, I had no problem with the packaging. Our orders arrived in perfect condition. 

My friends had milk tea: Dark Choco Mint Milk Tea (Php 110 for large) and Mint Milk Tea (Php 105 for large).

Dark Choco Mint Milk Tea and Mint Milk Tea

I've noticed that their milk teas are a little expensive compared with other brands since theirs don't include sinkers. 

My other colleague and I got Yogurt Smoothies: Mango Smoothie (Php 140 for large) and Strawberry Smoothie (Php 140 for large)

Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie and Mango Yogurt Smoothie

I'm getting acquainted with Yogurt Smoothies lately, and I love the Mango Smoothie! I'll try the Banana Mango Smoothie next time. 

We ordered their pasta: Tomato Spaghetti (Php 60), Tomato Fettuccini (Php 65), Carbonara Spaghetti (Php 70), and Carbonara Fettuccini (Php 75).


Each serving is just enough for one, so we tried all varieties in their menu. I think the pasta needs more sauce because it was a little bland for my taste. 

We also had Honey Buttered Bread (Php 85 for regular) and Kaya Buttered Toast (Php 85 for regular)

Kaya Buttered Toast
Honey Buttered Bread

I was surprised at how huge the Honey Buttered Bread was. It goes well with the strawberry and butter. I loved the Kaya Buttered Toast! I'd order this again with a hot coffee next time. 

Though the delivery came a bit late, I'd give Mirinae Tea House another try. I'd love to try their moffles (mochi + waffles), froyo, and their Rock Salt & Creamy Cheese drinks next.


Mirinae Tea House
(formerly Milky Way Tea)
Ground Floor Unit 1 
Fern Corp Center 
Escriva Drive, Ortigas Center,
Pasig City

To order online, visit 
or dial 2121212


  1. nakakagutom. I hope all those stuffs are available here in dumaguete. ^_^

    1. Speaking of Dumaguete, is there any way I could reach you? :)

    2. email mo na lang ako sa or give me your fb name or something para ma add kita. di kasi ma search sa fb pangalan ko. i don't know why. :)

  2. I love Milky Way... Buhay pa pala siya... Mura lang and okay jan...

  3. out of topic, your background is not woking no more. need some CSS background tweak. and yes dito lang ako tambay sa crib at hindi nagpaparamdam. hahaha

  4. for real? pasta t6hats nott over 100php? so so great! This ones a must visit! <3

  5. I am still yet to jump out of my comfort zone that is Gong Cha delivery by Twoanyone. Maybe, just maybe, I'll give this one a shot. :)

    ~ Jakey Junkie (

  6. I love Kaya toast and the Yogurt smoothies looks delicious.

  7. omg parang ang sarap ng honey buttered bread.And carbonara for 70p only? A must visit! Thanks for the post.

  8. Wow. i would love to try here!. Thanks for sharing this! :)

  9. Kaya toast nga is perfect with coffee. Tarik coffee a. =)


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