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Bakahan at Manukan

Not long ago, I had a lunch meetup with one of the personal bloggers I follow, Senyor Iskwater. I admire his command in writing poems and thoughts in Filipino. I love his no-nonsense observations on just everything. 

Bakahan at Manukan is from the owners of Barrio Fiesta, one of the pioneering Filipino restaurants in the country. The resto is quite spacious, with a special area for private gatherings. With a few touches of Filipino-inspired decors, my friend and I both agree that the place still seemed empty. Maybe more decors were needed.  

Since there were only two of us, we were only able to try these dishes:

We shared Nilagang Bulalo (Php 268) and Sizzling Sisig (Php 258).

Nilagang Bulalo

Though we ordered the smallest serving for Bulalo, I was still overwhelmed by its size. It was sweltering hot during that time, but having bulalo still made sense. Love it!

Sizzling Sisig

The Sizzling Sisig was also as generous as the Bulalo. However, I like my sisig with a bit of crunch. Not bad since we were able to finish this too. 

We partnered the dishes above with Bagoong Rice (Php 168).

Bagoong Rice

Topped with slices of green mango and a fried egg, the Bagoong Rice is a meal itself. 

Senyor also had a Ripe Mango Shake (Php 98) while I sip on my beloved Coke. :)

Ripe Mango Shake

I really enjoyed my first meet-up with Senyor. We saw each other again just recently when he joined me for a quick dinner. Food trip and bonding again soon, Senyor! :)

I love Filipino comfort food, and I'd love to visit Bakahan and Manukan soon. I'm curious about the Budbud, Kare-kare, and of course, the Crispy Pata. This is an awesome place to bring family and friends for an affordable and delicious meal.


Bakahan at Manukan
Ground Floor
Metrowalk Commercial Complex
Meralco Avenue, Pasig City
Contact Number: 6619632


  1. Very random nga ang nilaga for lunch! but still looks yum! lalo na ang sisig at bagoong rice! now I'm hungry! :)

  2. Bulalo and sisig ♥ My kind of comfort food!

  3. Bagoong rice is very interesting. I wonder if I can pull it off if I try cooking like that.

    and oh my gosh. the sisig and bulalo are the perfect recipe for a wider waist. hahaha! why are fatty food so delicious?

  4. Bagoong rice for the win! :D

    Parang mejo empty nga ang place ano? Parang may something na kulang. Tao? haha! ;)

    Hindi ka mabo-bore pag si Senyor ang kasama mo. :)

    1. I guess most people go there for dinner. :) Yepyep! I love Senyor! :)

  5. I wonder how it feels when eating with a co-blogger, that sounds exciting! everyone's talking about bagoong rice -_- how I wish I'm not allergic to seafood :(

    with love from: Myx' FoodHub & BeautyHub

  6. Ang ganda nung place parang asa bahay ka ng grandparents... :P

  7. The rice please!

  8. Oh my... grabe na-touch naman ako sa mention... hehehe... more than anything, you failed to mention that we had loooooong conversation na ikinalamig ng Bulalo... at nasundan pa ng looooong walk going to trublends with some other foodies...

    Remembering that day, it was really a blast!

    'Til next time!

    1. Thanks and you're welcome, Senyor! Til our next pig-out! ;)

  9. I miss eating Bulalo and Sisig! 2 of my favorite pinoy comfort food :)

  10. I've tried isdaan floating restaurant sa pangasinan pa. Looks delicious but less tourist-like ambiance.

  11. our fave many years back. looks yummier with your photos! :)


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