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Seisha Coffee Antipolo

Long before the first Starbucks branch opened in our lovely city, there's already this quaint cafe named Seisha Coffee. It is actually very popular that I always see it crowded whenever I get the chance to pass by.

I have visited its two locations: one near Cafe Dozo and the other near Antipolo Cathedral. This post will be a combination of those visits.

inside Seisha Coffee

What makes Seisha Coffee unique is the shisha or hookah. Shisha is a waterpipe used to produce smoke, it is most common in the Middle East. I really have no idea why a coffee shop would sell shisha but then, some smokers I know drink coffee while smoking. A shisha costs Php 180 for half load and Php 250 for a full load.

photo from Wikipedia

For hot drinks, we had Caffe Mocha (Php 70) and Hot Hazelnut Coffee (Php 75)

Caffe Mocha
Hot Hazelnut Coffee

For cold drinks, we tried the Caramel Frappe (Php 105) and White Mocha Frappe (Php 105).

Seisha Frappe

Aside from hot and cold coffee drinks, they also serve hot and cold tea, smoothies, fruit juices, flavored soda, and fruit shakes.

As a dessert person, I wouldn't miss the cakes. I got to try the Swiss Chocolate Cake (Php65), Chocolate Mousse (Php 65), and the Blueberry Cheesecake (Php 75).

Swiss Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Mousse
Blueberry Cheesecake

I was surprised at how affordable the cakes were. The cakes were all delicious and good enough for the price.

For light snacks, there's Seisha Clubhouse (Php 100).

Seisha Clubhouse

Served with some chips (we assume Nova), Seisha Clubhouse is good for two persons. Other dishes available in Seisha are salad, pasta, and doughnuts (there's Krispy Kreme on display, much to my amazement).

Seisha Coffee is a cool and inexpensive hang-out place in Antipolo. They even have free wifi for the customers. This is one place I'd love to visit again. :)


Seisha Coffee

Unit 4 Circumferential Road
corner Sto. NiƱo Street,
San Jose, Antipolo City

Ground Floor (closed)
BAJ Building
P. Oliveros Street,
Antipolo City


  1. i love the sweets and the coffee of course...

  2. Wow, interesting place! All those in the photos really look so good, and check out the prices! Pwede na! :)

  3. the cakes are less than 100php??? seriously??? waaaaaaaaaaaaah. the swiss chocolate cake, was it the best among the three?

    1. That's the bestseller. :) Though I'm partial to the cheesecake. Not the best but it was good enough for the price. :)

  4. I love Seisha, always a good option when you crave for cakes or coffee :)

    Michy, knowing you're a coffee lover as well, may new Nescafe frappe! Really good, try it too :)

  5. who said antipolo was boring?? there are lots of good places to go there! thanks for sharing this find! :)


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