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Dimsum Craze at Causeway

Note: This location is already closed. 

Hunger has always been my constant complaint in life. My conversations with friends usually start like this:

Friend: How are you?
Me: I'm hungry

I've always been a huge eater because I really have this crazy metabolism. But I guess it's getting slower (most probably because of aging, hmph). My friends know that they either have to feed me or run away. haha.

Good thing my foodie friend, KC, went to the rescue one evening and brought me to one of her favorite places: Causeway. I haven't been to Causeway before but I was intrigued about this place for quite a long time. Well, I do love dim sum. A lot. :)

inside Causeway

The interiors of Causeway are quite straightforward, surprisingly spacious actually. KC arrived before I did and she got the booth for us.

We started with the house tea while we were waiting for the dim sum cart to arrive at our table. Almost every dim sum is available in the cart except for the Hakao.

House Tea

For dimsum, we had Spareribs with Tausi (Php 75), Crab Roe Siomai (Php 75), Beancurd Roll (Php 75), Siao Long Pao (Php 70) and Hakao (Php 95).

Spareribs with Tausi
Crab Roe Siomai
Siao Long Pao
Beancurd Roll

Hakao (!!!!)

I loved the Crab Roe Siomai, Spareribs, and of course, the Hakao. Causeway's Hakao is the biggest I have ever seen. The taste didn't disappoint too. The Crab Siomai is extraordinary as well.

We also ordered Beef with Broccoli Flower (Php 310 for small) with Yang Chow Fried Rice (Php 210 for small).

Beef with Broccoli Flower

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Both dishes were more than enough for the two us. I guess the small servings are good for 3-4 persons.

Everything is better with my newest favorite drink, Watermelon Shake (Php 75)!

Watermelon Shake <3

By the way, they also have a promo for dimsum:

Too bad my hunger can't wait for 9pm, but I'll go back for this I swear.

For bang for buck Chinese food, visit Causeway! I'd love to bring my whole family (especially my siomai monster little sister) here, I'm sure they'll have a great time. Just excuse the service though, I noticed that some of the staff were kinda snobbish. Still, it wouldn't stop me to revisit to grab some dimsum. :)


Causeway Seafood Restaurant
53 E. Rodriguez Avenue,
Quezon City

Other locations are Banawe, Congressional, and Timog Avenue


  1. oh my....mouth watering! kakagutom ako!

  2. oh my dimsum :((( you're making my mouth water michy :D fortunately there's a dimsum place outside school. ^^

  3. our go to place for late night dimsum cravings! love their fish head! :)

  4. Hi! :) Thank you for visiting & leaving a lovely comment. I think my husband told me about Causeway, we've been meaning to go but it's just sooooo FAR. :P They have the 50% off dimsum if I remember correctly from our passing conversation haha.

    1. Hi Ms. Jane!!! Thank you for dropping by too. Yes, I think all the branches they have are in QC. I hope you'll visit this soon. Sarap ng siomai at hakao nila! <3

  5. Finally! nakapunta ka rin! ahaha sarap noh? san branch yan? sa Congressional Ave kami kumakin. Maganda rin magorder ng fish dish sa kanila, buhay ipapatingin sayo bago iluto. aliw!

  6. Yum! I love dimsum! They're the best! I could eat them all the time kahit wala ng ibang other Chinese food basta dimsum lang, buhay na ko. =)

  7. oh my!! -_-

    i just had my dinner but these food are so nakakagutom ulit.

  8. waah! kakatakam!!! May laman ba yung Hakao?

  9. sobrang okay naman pala nung dimsum prices nila! sana nga lang di snobbish yung mga staff diba? hehe..

  10. With the little drops of life as a starting point, writes true side, this fact more touches the subject strings, looking forward to your next material! Bridal lehenga

  11. If only I live nearby, I'd love to frequent Causeway often. Thanks for sharing!

  12. i love causeway! we usually go there (congressional ave. branch) at 2-5 pm coz their dimsums are slashed at 45 pesos each :)

  13. Interesting place! As of now, my favorite dimsum place is still Golden Fortune. They offer great siomai and hakaw (at a relatively more affordable price). :)

  14. We always go to Causeway Banawe when we crave for dimsum and Chinese food in general. Funny though that on the numerous times we've been there, we always don't get to avail of their promo. Oh the cons of dining with impatient family members! :))

    Btw, this looks a lot nicer than the one in Banawe! Will definitely visit this branch soon and finally get to avail of their discounted dimsum promo.

    1. I also have to catch the promo too since my baby sister loves pork siomai. You wouldn't believe a little girl could finish a lot! :P


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