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Brunch at Mario's Restaurant

It was a sunny morning when I arrived at Mario's. It was Saturday and it was a little early for me, as I usually wake up at noon during weekends. But I have heard only positive things about Mario's so I wouldn't not try it.

Mario's first branch opened 1971 in Baguio City by Mario and Nenuca Benitez. The Tomas Morato branch opened three years later and has been in the same location since. Suffice to say that it's one of the oldest restaurants in the area.

We started our brunch with Mario's Famous Caesar Salad (Php 155), prepared tableside.

Caesar Salad being prepared tableside

An interesting fact is that only a few selected senior staff can prepare Caesar Salad. One of them is Ricky, our server that morning. The process seemed tedious since everything was done from scratch and the measurements had to be precise.

Mario's Famous Caesar Salad

No doubt, it is the best caesar salad I've ever had.

For the appetizer, we had the classic Gambas al Ajillo (Php 325).

Gambas al Ajillo

Mario's also serves breakfast, like the Millennium Platter (Php 245) and Steak & Eggs (Php 290).

Millennium Platter
Steak & Eggs
The Millennium Platter we had has danggit and Vigan longganisa, but you may also have combinations of daing na bangus or chicken-pork adobo.

One of the Chef's Specials is the Three Mushroom Pasta with Black Truffle Oil (Php 295), sauteed in bacon.

Three Mushroom Pasta with Black Truffle Oil

This dish has the right amount of creaminess, with the wonderful aroma from the truffle. And those thick slices of bacon is just epic. The bacon is actually optional, but who wouldn't like bacon?

Also included in the Chef's Specials is the Soft Shell Crabs in Coco Cream Sauce (Php 495).

Soft Shell Crabs in Coco Cream Sauce

There are also Casa Specials, like Chicken Parmesan (Php 350) and Barbecued Spareribs (Php 400).

Chicken Parmesan
Barbequed Spareribs

The Chicken Parmesan is served with Fettuccine Al Burro on the side. The Barbecued Spareribs served with a special sauce is just humongous that 2-3 people can share a serving.

For steak lovers, you can Filet Mignon (Php 640) or Steak Bearnaise (Php 625).

Filet Mignon

Steak Bearnaise

We also had refreshing drinks like the Cucumber Mint Slush and Strawberry Banana Slush. :)

For dessert, we had Mango Jubilee (Php 350 for 2 persons), also prepared tableside by Sir Ricky.

Mango Jubilee being prepared tableside

The mango is bathed in fine liqueurs and flamed over ice cream. Banana or strawberry (if in season) may also be used instead of mango.

Mango Jubilee

A serving doesn't seem enough for me. It was heaven in a glass.

It was an ultimate fine dining experience in the middle of the day. Mario's is still one of the best dining spots in Tomas Morato after all these years because of the consistency in the quality of their dishes. It's a place I'd want to bring my family or friends for a relaxing meal.

Thanks to Mario's for having us and to Spanky Enriquez for organizing this event.


Mario's Restaurant
191 Tomas Morato Avenue
corner Scount Gandia,
Quezon City
Contact Nos. 3720360, 4153887, 3766210

Another location is at Upper Session Road, Baguio City


  1. Yuuum I love mango jubilee!!!

  2. I had my first and last dining experience at Mario's in Baguio with hubby wayback 2008. It was quite an experience cos we were not supposed to eat there if not because of the continous rain and the chilly weather! :/

  3. ay grabe yung foods. haha! Spare some for me sa spareribs! haha!

  4. Waaah I want to try the truffle pasta. Mario's Caesar Salad is really timeless. They make it in front of you and that has always been how it's done even when I was a kid.

    1. I'm not a huge salad person but I absolutely loved their Caesar Salad! :)

  5. it made me crave a lot... :)

  6. love marios restau! they have nice food. pero one time tumambay ako to have coffee, had 3 in 1 lang pero 100pesos haha mahal! :((

    1. Owww. really? forgot to try the coffee. How much kaya pag brewed? hehe

  7. I like your post coz its very comprehensive. Atleast my idea na ako with the price. :) I got hungry at the steak and the strawberry banana slush.

    1. Thanks, Venus! Hope you'll visit Mario's soon. :)

  8. It has been awhile since I last dine in Mario's. I miss the steak!



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