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Banana Leaf The Podium by (the newest Delivery Service in town!)

Note: This branch is already closed. 

Chicken Satay by Banana Leaf

I am huge with anything Asian, especially Thai. I could say that I'm getting better with tolerating spicy food because I fell in love with the cuisine of our neighboring countries. 

It couldn't get any better when I could have all my Asian favorites in one sitting. Glad there's Banana Leaf for delivery via :) is a new online delivery service where you can order food from your favorite restaurant for a minimum amount of only Php 300! What's even cooler is that they accept orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. :) But they’ll have a call-in number in the next few weeks.

Here are the screenshots of my online order via It’s super easy!

Click to enlarge

Since Banana Leaf is within our delivery zone, our food arrived in less than an hour. 

For appetizers, we had Chicken Satay (pictured above) and Crispy Spring Rolls Vietnamese Style.

Crispy Spring Rolls Vietnamese Style

We loved the Chicken Satay best. It's actually delicious even without the peanut sauce. The Crispy Spring Rolls was a bit oily for me though. 

We also had Hainanese Chicken Set Meal and Phad Thai - Banana Leaf Style.

Hainanese Chicken - Set Meal
Phad Thai - Banana Leaf Style

For the Hainanese Chicken, I was asked if I want to change the chicken to dark meat, but I prefer white meat. It was really scrumptious. I'd love to have this again when I visit Banana Leaf. One of my favorite noodle dishes is Phad Thai, but I found their version a bit bland for my taste. 

To clean our palates, we ordered the Roti Canai with Condensed Milk.

Roti Canai with Condensed Milk

A simple but yummy way to end a meal. Who wouldn't love that?

Looking forward to ordering from them again!
To order online, check out
Facebook Page: Foodiedotph
Twitter: @Foodiedotph


  1. I was wondering what the condensed milk in your order was for. That Phad Thai is looking really great. I'm trying hard to develop higher tolerance for spicy food too.

    1. It's usually partnered with the roti canai. Either that or curry sauce. :)

  2. Oh! Oh! This is nice fooddelivery talaga I'm addicted to those kinda things!

    1. Awesome! Hope you'll give a try soon! :)

  3. good to know about the food delivery... this makes the convenience most people are looking for... =)

  4. Did the food come ok naman? Taste-wise too? =)

  5. haven't tried this yet, but i'm already craving right now! nice blog btw


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