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Tsukemen Lunch at Kichitora of Tokyo

My good friend Dex loves noodles, ramen in particular. I could say he has tried more ramen restos than I do. We resolved on meeting up for lunch to try this not-so-new ramen place, Kichitora of Tokyo.

It is easy to assume that this resto is a franchise from Japan, but upon researching, I found out that it's an original concept.

Kichitora's menu is sizeable, comparable to their resto space. We were thinking of having ramen, but the sweltering heat made us decide to have tsukemen. Anyway, I miss having tsukemen (last time I had tsukemen was in Mitsuyado Sei-Men).

For starters, we had Gyouza (Php 150 for 5 pcs).


It was well cooked and it wasn't oily, which I liked. However, our gyouza arrived a little late.

I had Paitan Chicken Tsukemen (Php 380) while my friend had Spicy Mabo Tofu with Pork Tsukemen (Php 395).

Paitan Chicken Tsukemen
Spicy Mabo Tofu with Pork Tsukemen

Paitan (meaning "white soup"), is Kichitora's specialty ramen. It was thoroughly creamy with generous pieces of chicken. It was a little disappointing that it was bland for my taste buds. Imagine my relief when I saw salt and happily added away. I guess what I should have ordered is the Spicy Mabo Tofu that my friend quickly ate away.

Setting aside the blandness of my Paitan Tsukemen, I think that they should improve on their service. To think that their prices are a little on the expensive side, compared to the previous ones I've tried.

Despite the less than satisfying dining experience I had, I'd like to give this ramen-ya another try, but not anytime soon.

Have you tried Kichitora? Which ramen/tsukemen did you try?


Kichitora of Tokyo
2nd Floor
Mega Atrium
SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City
Contact Nos.4512218, 7551100
Facebook Page: KichitoraPH
Twitter: @KichitoraPH


  1. The spicy mabo tofu was more on the salty than spicy. I think it was oilier than it should be, but despite that, I liked it. I'm sorry I didn't let you taste it haha.

    1. No prob. Glad you posted your opinion here. You really should blog na. haha. :)

  2. I'm intrigued with the spicy mobu tsukemen....

    1. Hope you'll give it a shot then let me know what you think. :)

  3. So sad naman to read that service was slow when you visited. When we went here last December, they were still on soft opening, but service was surprisingly fast.

    Anyway, I'm curious of what you'll think of their paitan ramen (not the tsukemen variant). It's an item we loved, along with the Spicy Mabo Tofu with Pork Tsukemen and gyouza :)

    1. Actually, one guest beside our table got really angry because of the slow service. Maybe I should try the ramen version when I visit again.

  4. gyosa looks yummy!! haven't tried exploring foods here in MY tofu with pork would be nice to try for me if I were to go in that restuarant! xx

    1. Hope you'll explore the foodie places there, MaryJane! ;)

  5. That Spicy Mabo Tofu- I must have! >.<

  6. Can't remember the name of the ramen we tried here. Suffice to say, it is very tasty :D ! Very generous servings, too! One bowl was good for the both of us :D !

    - Ray

    1. And I felt a little guilty 'cause I was able to take down a serving of tsukemen solo. haha. Will give the ramen a try next time. :)


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